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One of my friends told me that there were discussed a lot of interesting things. Does anyone know if there will be a similar event in 2021? It will be very interesting to discuss the differences that appeared last year. Also, we could organize some team-building games. In this way, we will know each other better. Last week, I participated in an event organized by https://brightvisionevents.co.uk/conferences/live-conference-streaming/. There we discussed some climate changes. It was very interesting. Also, we played a few games where we developed some skills.

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Please arrange to have the conference available online in some form as some of us are to sick to actually travel anywhere. I’ve had clusters since 1983 and am just recovering from my series. As you probably know, I’m completely exhausted and wrung out. I’m so grateful to have found Bob Wold and especially Dr. Larry Schorr here. I think the video BEAST is the best thing I’ve ever seen about this condition and want to thank anyone whose efforts made this possible in this regard. I’d be happy to pay a fee to watch this years program. Please post it on the website. I live in a very repressive state in the US and am very reluctant to join anything that would divulge my identity. Thank you all so much for giving us hope and courage.

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