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Just Got My Seeds Now Ready to Start Journal.

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Please someone assist me with how to prep the RC Seeds. I will be beginning a journal today but first here is my backround. I am a first time seed attempter.

29 Years old male

Suffering with Cluster Headaches since I am 13

Inherited them from my mother.

I had spent the first 14 years of my life dealing with my annual and occasionally every other year cluster cycle.

Usually they would appear in early spring or mid fall.

I began using Imitrex injections for the first time during my last cycle 2 years ago (Got very lucky and had 2 years of PF for the first time in years.

My cycles usually last 6 weeks. And they ramp up from shadows kip 3-4s seldomly first week to max pain weeks 3-4 without weakening by 5 & 6.

Cycle Started Nov 23rd 3am Wakeup kip 4

Nov 24th no headache

Nov 25th mild shadows

Nov 26th. 8am kip 4 9pm Kip 6

Nov 27th 3pm Kip 5/6

Nov 28th mild shadow turned into kip 4 and was aborted with heavy cardio at 5pm

I have the grinder all ready to go. I have not used any Imitrex because I know I cannot use meds. I took some sudafed because I have a cold also.

Why do I need to soak seeds?

Thanks in Advance.

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people usually start somewhere between 25-50 seeds

crack each seed with pliers to ensure a "green seed" some are hollow and others are black (died or rotten)

grind to a fine powder and soak in cold water with lemon juice, 2-4 oz is plenty (lemon juice helps extract the alkaloids due to its acidity, adds flavor too) for 2-6 hours

most say 2 hours or so is plenty, also most seem to say a longer soak is just as good as a quick 2 hours or so

its a nasty liquid i wont lie, consuming the sludge is tough, might make ya gag, at least consume the liquid, strain if ya have to, but id say just slam the whole thing to get everything u can

dont eat or drink dairy, diary coats the stomach and makes for a tougher absorbtion, empty stomach is best for a thorough ingestion and absorbtion

try not to eat for a good 4 hours afterwards either, a bowl of soup is usually preferred 3-4 hours after to just get some food in ya

you'll probably get sleepy so if u can take the dose later in the evening

there are variations in a lot of other threads "and so my experiemnt begins" is one for example and i believe most of this info is in the faqs section and in our files forum

good luck


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hmmm. alcohol is a big CH trigger for most, should be a good extraction but i would not be surprised if u got an attack after dosing if alcohol is a trigger for you

it would take one hell of a cash prize for me to take a shot or a sip of wine/beer/liquor, i wouldnt take installments on that cash prize either . . .

good luck


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Thanks. It is a massive trigger for me but I read it is a good extract.


1) Can I combine HRW seeds and RC in one dose?

2) Should I just try the hawaii if I see no RC results in 5 days with my next dose.

Also I read just now that melatonin may not be good to take with RC as part of detox. Did not know that and have taken 2 pills since I started my cycle.

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hbwr are much stronger than rc, a dose is usually 5  or so with those, nausea and  hallucinations are not uncommon

i wouldnt combine anything unless the different treatments are given an honest chance

you may have poor quality seeds and perhaps that may be a reason why it may not work, experiment a little, more seeds less seeds, different vendors, water, lemon juice

comsume sludge dont consume sludge, plenty of variables, everyone is different

for now id keep it one or the other, rc's and hbwr contain the same lsa, just more is in hbwr,

some say melatonin can be a blocker of the treatment or may hinder your results, best to be off it so there are no ?'s if it was or not, personally melatonin made my ch worse


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Thanks sir. Ingestion time in 20 minutes.

I ground them up as best as possible with a grinder but still was a little gritty so I wrapped in foil and took a hammer to it but I would not consider it a "fine powder".

Can the RCs be ground up as is? I was under the impression the Hawaii needed to be broken up with pliers and pulp extracted.

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yes rc's can be ground as is, personally i crack them to make sure they are "good" or "green" seeds, basically ones that would grow if planted

the more fine the grind the more surface area for extraction and easier consumption

the hulls and shells of hbwr are considered toxic and are what causes nausea, hbwr are the ones that require work


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OK. Here is the update:

Nov 28th 8:55

Ground up 40 RC seeds. Soaked in 2oz wine and splash of OJ.

Drank 10:45 in 2 gulps.

No psychedelic feelings whatsoever. I had fasted for about 5 hours previously.An hour in ingestion I got a kip 3 which was aborted in 10 mins with cardio

Nov 29th: Slept well last night but was awoke at 7am with a Kip4/5. Did some cardio. Pain subsiding after 15 mins now.

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I have to amend this my 7am Kip4/5 that was tapering for 10 minutes transformed into a killer Kip 8/9 that was the strongest I have had since my cycle started last week. It was also the longest lasting.

Side note on the morning after the seeds.This is the first time I was incredibly nauseous during a cluster headache because of my movement and rocking. I can only assume it has to do with the RC seeds ingestion last night.

Is it normal to have headaches after first dose of this intensity?

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It is called post dose hits. The days after you can worse, or better, but i get worse for around 2-5 days. Then better :) And yes, it can be harder than usual. What i have experienced at least.

I did not drink the sludge, and i didn`t get nausea or anything at all. Others say you have to drink the sludge, for me it worked out fine without. But i combined shrooms and seeds in a combo.

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OK Update

Nov 29th:  7am The morning Kip 8/9

3pm - 5pm: Resilient Kip 3 shadow that would not manifest into anything although I could feel attempts to breakthrough

No headaches remainder of night

Nov 30th: Completely perfect PF night

Around 3pm and 7pm long shadows that could not breakout for a headache. Did a beer test a 7pm and no headache

Dec 1.  Could feel attempts to breaktrhough on other side of head a few times throughout the day but no go

Finally 3pm 2 hour shadow finally broke the Kip 3 to attain about a 7 for only 10 minutes. I did heavy cardio and headache subsided.

It was my girlfriends birthday so we went out to eat and I had 2 drinks. I had a shadow at 10pm for 30 minutes. Breakthrough for 20 minutes of pain to a Kip 6 but then subsided.

Pain free all night

Dec 2nd:

Completely pain free night. No wake ups. The occasional Kip 2 shadow attempt by the beast to manifest into something more but nothing stuck.

I have had 2 glasses of wine and it is now 6pm.

Zero Pain.

I will redose on Saturday Night. So far I am impressed

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Dec 3rd: Pain Free all night once again. No wakeups.

Morning Shadow around 7am

Painfree the entire day and evening

Once again it felt like a few small attempts to turn shadows on the other side of my head which is strange but nothing.

Dec 4th: Pain Free night

Now  8 am and nothing thus far. I will dose again tomorrow

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It was a package of 50. I intended on using 40 but some were caught in the grinder. I could not grind the seeds fully so I then put the other 10 in the package in with the 40 and crushed them with a hammer.

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some were caught in the grinder

Be aware that grinders, like most coffee grinders spin way to fast, and thus heat the seed pulp.  Heat is LSA's enemy.  The hammer method you were using is probably the best, short of a mortar and pestle.

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I bought a decent grade pepper grinder for my rc seeds, not ever to be used for pepper.

I put about 35 or so seeds in, grind them up and soak them in water for about a hour, then chug the whole thing down, including the sludge.  My motto is sludge is our friend.

Works for me every time.  Only abort other than the seeds I use is oxygen.

BTW, I also take my seeds out of the little plastic bag they came in and put them in a small glass jelly jar with a screw on top - keep them in the fridge.  The potency lasts longer.


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Big Update:

Dec 4th all day was painfree

Today was also my new dosing day after waiting 5 days. So I chose this time since I had purchased them to go with 7 Hawaii Rose. I crushed them with pliers and hit with a hammer. I had a fair amount of chunks. Left in wine for 3 hours.

  Strangely When I returned home around 8:30pm I started with another shadow that would not go away. Finally it went full blown after an hour at around 9:45 into a Kip 7.

I used no abortives. I had guests over so I could not go crazy cardio.

    Worst headache in days strangely it went full blown exactly 5 days after my first dose.

  I drank the wine and ingested as many seeds as possible while headache was in full force.

I became extremely nauseous.

Now on to the effects. I awoke around 12am and was nauseous again.

I was up all night unable to sleep and feeling very dizzy.  Unpleasant feelings for an hour. Not hallucinating but feeling very strange.

I attempted to sleep for the next 4 hours but could not sleep until 6am.

Dec 5th:

No headaches all day

I have had a shadow and it feels like something wants to break through for the last hour. I have never had so many constant shadows as I do this cycle.

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did you say you took 7 Hawian Rose by hitting them with the hammer? I am no expert by any means but I did read this in the files.

HBWR have an outer hull that contains some unfriendly chemicals. The idea is to pick the softer inner parts out of the tougher, outer hull. Dump the hulls. Soak the inner parts for an hour in water.

If you ate the hulls, maybe that was the cause of you not feeling well?

Also with the RC seeds I had good luck with just squashing them with a large diner spoon on the counter. took a few minutes but was able to get them broke down quite well just rocking the spoon back & forth while pushing down with both hands. & was able to get a close look at the inside to keep an eye out for any Black ones.

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