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When do you consider your cycle over?


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.....mine a bell curve....slow ramp up of number and intensity...a plateau of soul crushing bangers....slow ramp down. i knew the cycle was over when i got one last screamer which was always worst of cycle (actually prayed for that one as i knew what it meant).   when i collected my wits and nerve (sometimes several days, sometimes several weeks), did the beer test.....Heineken....surefire tell..................

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I am chronic (CPH and HC are almost always chronic) but every year I experience a short remission of around 3 to maximum 4 weeks. 

When I get into such a remission, headaches stop abruptly and I then have zero symptoms with no medication. 3 weeks later headaches suddenly start again where they left off.


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hey ladies and gents,

I am new on here. I have been having cluster headaches for about 10 years.

usually they last 6 weeks or so and then go away.

this cycle has actually been less aggressive but I had one really bad one that just scared the shit out of me. I end up laying on the bathroom floor throwing up.

it has now been about 15 days without a bad headache but I still have such bad anxiety and depression when I get any little pain or feeling on the right side of my head.


anyone have any advice?





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Hi Mashburn and welcome. Sorry that you are suffering PTSD. Well, that is what it sounds like and we get it for obvious reasons. I hope that it becomes much less over time! 

You have been diagnosed, right? What are you taking for your head? Any O2 for your hits?????? Have you had a MRI with your diagnosis?

I always feel that two weeks PF means it is over. I might still get a random hit due to weather, but the cycle has ended. After two weeks with no hits, I will sometimes try a beer - big trigger - and if that goes down with no CH, I call the cycle over.

If I feel nervous regarding getting a hit, I have a cup of coffee. Good ole caffeine! :) 


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hey spiny,

yes I was diagnosed a couple years ago.

yes I had mri that came back that everything was normal.

I started electro acupuncture about a month ago.

the acupuncturist seems very confident that he will get rid of these headaches for good.

have you ever tried acupuncture and if so did it work?


I have not had a bad cluster headaches in like 3.5 weeks now but now my anxiety has gone crazy and depression.

I am in tears all day every day.


any advice?


thanks again 

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I have known acupuncturist's and chiropractor's who claim they can cure CH. I have not experienced success with either. Most CHer's would agree that they were not 'cured' by either if they tried it. So that would be no, it did not work. The same as having teeth removed did not, nor did having my sinuses reamed. Empty promises for me. This site is where I found relief.

What meds is your doctor prescribing for you? Do you have O2? Have you spoken to your Neuro about how you are feeling currently? I don't like the feeling that you are hanging in the wind with no support. :(

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I gave oxygen. but when I get a CH I can't sit there with it on.

I tried the imitrex nasal spray I think sometimes it relieves the pain a little bit. now I have the imitrex injections. luckily its been about 3 weeks since I have had a CH so have not used it.

have you used the injections.


my problem is I feel so sick to my stomach when I get one of these headaches that I throw up and can't give the oxygen time to work.

i tried verpamil and gave me severe anxiety do she stopped it.


right now my only hope is the imitrex injection.


I am 38 years old and have been having these for about 10 years. usually 4-6 weeks they last and then lingering for a week or two and then gone.


for some reason this time I just Always think am I ever going to be chronic?


the thought terrified me.

sorry for ranting and thank you for reaching out 



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Do not apologize. WE all need to rant on occasion! 

I cannot take trex in any form. But, you will find a paper on the site that tells you how to split those injections. You can get 2 to 3 doses out of one auto-dose. Most only need 2-3mg, not the full 6mg in the injector. So, that can be a huge help when you do need them. Many 'stockpile theirs when out of cycle to have enough for the next cycle. Building your arsenal is a good thing! :) 

You appear to be past the point of needing your O2, but we have a paper and many who will help you to optimize it for best relief. Neuros seem to just hand it to you with no instructions on how to use it because they don't know. With proper technique, you will be able to kill most hits in 5 to 10 minutes and then do about 5 minutes of 'post hit' breathing to assure that hit stays g.o.n.e.! Owning the Cluster-mask will improve your aborts on O2 a lot too!!! 

And we do understand the terror it brings. Better than our doctors do for certain. We are always here for rants and all. When you get dealt a $hit hand, it is nice to have others in the same boat to talk to when wanted or needed.  They are the ones who understand what you mean and why you are worried. 


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Chronic and in cycle now for many months. I consider my cycle to be over when I can look strait into bright artificial lights without hurting my eye.

In cycle I can look directly into the sun without eye pain, but not in artificial lights like car headlights on my cluster side.


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