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Toronto Cluster Advice

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Hi everyone, just recently moved to Toronto, and got hit with an episodic cluster a few weeks ago. I've tried contacting a variety of neurologists including the ones recommended on the list here, but due to the Pandemic times are in excess of three months! Does anyone have any Toronto/Ontario advice for doctors or coping techniques/tips/ advice regarding Psilocybin? I know there is an official clinic here that offers Ketamine therapy only for PTSD.

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3 hours ago, mikeh2017 said:

coping techniques/tips/

If you are looking for these, you might start here: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/6213-basic-non-busting-information/     The section called "'Treatments' without O2 or other meds" might be most relevant, but maybe parts of the rest of it will be helpful.

3 hours ago, mikeh2017 said:

advice regarding Psilocybin

Not sure what kind of advice you're looking for, but the general principles of "busting" with psilo or other substances are included at the end of that file I just linked you to (the same information appears if you click on the "New Users..." thing at the blue ribbon at the top of the page).

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Mikeh, were you able to source oxygen in Toronto? My regular supplier is refusing cluster patients bc of covid. They are only supplying their “core users” at this time.  Let me know if you managed to get some and from whom. 
There are online mushroom dispensaries now as well in Canada which is nice. I haven’t used them yet but it’s an option. 

Also, I go to the headache clinic at Women’s College Hospital and they understand our condition well. It does take a long time to become a patient (10+ months for me for the initial appointment years ago) but once you are in they are super fast and responsive. 
Sending pain free wishes to you. 

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Hi Wanda thanks so much for this. I tried getting an appointment with Dr. Christine Lay @ Womens Hospital but still no luck.Pushing! 

Please PM me and I will give you the number of an oxygen co. that claimed they can deliver within a day or two with a Dr's Prescription.





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