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I am new here

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Just wanted to say hello: 

I am 41 years old.. been had my 1st CH my dorm room at 19.. Thought they were migraines for years. Finally figured out they were clusters in my 30's.. I've been episodic with episodes coming about once every 3 years. This recent episode started on September 24. I was averaging 1 every other day.. But now I've entered the nightly every 2 hrs mode. It's been like this for the past 3 nights. I hope this ends soon. Just feel good to share 

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Hey Marlon. Welcome! I'm 49 and mine started when I was 27 and I also thought they were migraines or something since prior to that I never knew what a headache was except for maybe a hangover. Anyway, once per three years is not too bad! I'm once a year and this place has had me in remission for three years now! Hang in there and read up all the good info. You are in good company.

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Hi Marlon. You are not alone. I started my latest cycle Sept 20 and been getting the attacks about every 2hrs. each night. I'm 48 and got my first CH when I was 14, and been getting them every 1-2 years since I was 18. Are you on any treatments that are helping you? When I could take it, I found Imitrex shots really helped get me through the nights. I would take one with the first night time attack and the I could sleep most of the night, sometimes til about 6:00 when a new attack would happen, sometimes later with no attack.

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Hello Marlon,

Welcome to the forum. I am 51 m with chronic migraine and chronic paroxysmal hemicrania (CPH). This forum is very good with very helpful people. Once you joint it, you won't leave anymore !

Good luck with the headaches... but that will work out as I see Batch gave you already some instructions :)


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