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Long cycle, bad day

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This has been the longest cycle I can remember having, coming up on 3 months. Over the last week I have had a number of pain free days interspersed with some mild/moderate pain. Last night I got two hits, both on the milder side. Woke up this morning with some mild cluster pain that I couldn't quite kick. This eventually turned into a very painful attack. It will not fully subside despite my best efforts. I've been awake for ~7 hours and have not had one PF moment. Even when the pain goes down its above shadow level. What gives?

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My acute treatment is o2 and caffeine as need be. Today neither has worked to do anything but temporarily reduce the pain. I've had little success in busting to break my cycle, though I've tried many times. Helps prolong remission for me though. 

I'm thinking about maybe just one HBWR seed to abort.

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This looks like a migraine attack, which is very common with CH patients.

TAC's tend to activate migraine during cluster periods in people with 'migraine genetics'. These people normally don't have migraine but it sits there hidden and it gets activated during CH cycles and give them these shadows.

"...or patients with now accepted chronic migraine (Olesen et al., 2006), is the background genetic rate of migraine much higher than previously considered? It may simply be that in patients with two genetic hits—PH and migraine, the migraine biology is more likely to be activated than without the extra PH-problem."

"...We evaluated the relationship between migraine and PH and found that 16 (51%) patients had a personal history positive for migraine and 18 (58%) patients had a family history positive for migraine, or headache not otherwise specified or both. Medication overuse is associated with chronic daily headache in migraine (Bigal et al., 2004), and in cluster headache (Paemeleire et al., 2006) and SUNCT patients (Cohen et al., 2006a), with the common theme being background migrainousness (Goadsby, 2006)."

You can try to get a long-acting triptan (Naratriptan or Frovatriptan) and see what that does. 

All the best :)


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I was chronic, started busting in 2012 and managed to end my chronic state and attacks completely at first. CH returned in few very weak cycles. I have not had a real cycle since 2015 and manage to keep myself pain free with Anti-inflammatory regimen and preventative or abortative busting. But IF things get out of hand, this is exactly what I get - continuous pain. I thought at first that after 30 years I have managed to develop a migraine in addition to CH and neurologist also thought so. Now I know we were both wrong, it was CH moving on to another side of my head. I think it (or he/she) is migraine-like continuous pain and not in regular attack duration because I have too effective treatments and it's trying to break throught (usual spring and fall).

I wholeheartedly recommend investigating busting further, also Anti-inflammatory regimen if you're not familiar with it already and also Herbal protocol

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hey! Sorry you are having such a rough time. We can all sympathize. What was your busting regimen? Did you follow the 5 day rule and completely free of meds? Maybe that’s why you haven’t had much success with it. It took me 6 attempts to get some pain free days! 


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