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2 weeks ago I had my first real ping pong, an attack changing sides every day. It was super strange and it took me Day 3 to comprehend this is really Horton's (cluster). It felt like an effort for a cycle to start but managed to bust it back into remission. I thought I would ask if this has happened to you, has anyone had any ideas what could be causing it - apart from adjusting your hypothalamus with psychedelics B)

I'm having quite a lot of health issues right now (gut & breathing) and feel like these might have something to do with it. PF wishes everyone :wub:

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Hey Tony - I always get mine on the right side, however, just the other day I felt it trying to punch through the left. The sensation was foreign but familiar at the same time.

Fortunately, it didn't fully manifest and it went back to doing what it does to my right side. It was like the beast was exploring its options.

I chalked it up to the MM doing its thing.

Hang in there man. PFW.

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