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Oregon Approves Medical Use For Mushrooms

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WOW.  I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime.  It's one step closer for those of us with CH being able to get medicines from a doctor that actually help stop our CH..  It looks like there's a lot of bureaucracy wrapped around how they'll manage it, but I'm sure it'll get easier once the magic spreads (ha ha, just made that one up). :)  


Love all,


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From what I've read, it will be two years before this will begin, but you will not have to be from Oregon and you will not have to even have a medical condition. You will not be able to purchase psilocybin, only receive treatment/therapy by a licensed practitioner. You will have to be pre-screened for the therapy and then be administered the psilocybin by that practitioner. You must remain in their care until the drug is out of your system.

This should be a boost to the Oregon tourism industry as Clusterheads travel year-round for busting "trips"!

We need to find practitioners who understand cluster and will give Clusterheads package deals for multiple dosings. 

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You know, I’m really, REALLY fed up with this whole “war on drugs” rubbish! 

A couple years ago, the UK legalised cannabis for medical use. This meant any doctor who wanted to prescribe it had get up to speed with its use, and only expensive, private consultants did that. You can’t get it on the NHS like you can any other medicine. 

Someone recently came up with an ID Card (called a CanCard) that says you have a medical condition that you’re treating with cannabis, and the police have agreed to not arrest you or take your medicine if you have the CanCard and are caught with cannabis on you. A step forward, but the government should have done that long ago, and not left it up to someone suffering with MS and was in desperate need of cannabis. 

But it’s crazy that they make it so difficult to get effective meds but happily hand out very addictive and harmful meds like they were M&Ms. 

Rant mode off.


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