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Hello, Clusterheads.  It's been a while since I've posted here, maybe 2 years, and I think my last post was a pretty negative one.  Just wanted to check in, let everybody know I'm still alive and well.  Hope you're all living the best lives you can :)

I finally kept a journal throughout an entire cycle.  I've tried this many times before, but always forgot to notate so many of them that I would just give up and say "maybe next cycle..." Last April I began a 2-month cycle, shortly after moving to a different state... so I didn't have access to my usual solution at first.  Well now I do have my usual solution, and I'm feeling ready for the next cycle that has been threatening with shadows for 3 days.

Last cycle I took 1.5g MM every 7 days for about a month... it didn't seem to do anything for me.  I thought maybe I just hadn't been diligent enough in the past, that a more thorough rinse/repeat would do better for me, but unfortunately it doesn't appear to work for me.  I'm eternally grateful for DMT being in my life, as I can't seem to Prevent the beast without Pharmaceutical interference (and the rabbit hole of secondary health problems that comes with it), but I sure can Abort any time that bastard comes out to play! 

I've settled into my new home pretty well, found a new job, been talking to a nice woman I met here, and overall I'm feeling pretty good about life right now (if we can just pretend for a moment that there's no election shenanigans going on). 

So to the Beast and the shadows that precede it, I say: "Bring it on.  I'm ready for you!"

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All the best Onglamesh!! Sounds like your life is moving in a great direction for you now. 

It is wonderful that you checked in to let us know how you are getting along. :) Success is always AWESOME!!


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