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Cluster Headache Tinnitis after Covid

Todd Richards

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I was diagnosed with Covid in March 2020. From that day have suffered massive headaches and tinnitus all in the same area.  Top right of head, above eye, and ear ringing is 9-10 all the time.  
Just had a second MRI, MRI w/ contrast.  Nothing ever works.  I can take 5 times the amount of prescribed drugs and nothing works.  THC doesn’t do anything.  
Went to new neurologist as believes it’s a cluster headache; but curious why the high level of tinnitus. 
is there any research on Covid causing Cluster Headaches & high levels of Tinnitus. Never had this before. 

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I have read where Tinnitus is a rather common problem post COVID. If you search, you will find a lot of hits for this issue. I found no research regarding COVID and Clusters. Tinnitus? Yes, there are a lot of references to COVID patients having it long term after recovery. It sucks!!!

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I have really bad tinnitus which goes worse minutes before an attack, I think they are related if I'm honest, because my ears are fine and have been tested so it's neurological, I also have visual snow which is neurological and all have ties to the hypothalamus, hopefully one day we will understand the brain but I think that may be 100s of years

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