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Another Cycle - O2? Bust? d3?


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Hey All,

Hoping someone can send me some information/tips on taking O2(I have the cluster mask - WHICH I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE) I am lucky enough my benefits do cover the O2 tanks but my provider only has up to E size tank. Any advice on how I can get a larger tank? I live in British Columbia Canada. I am currently going through a bad cycle and am almost going through a tank every two days. 

I am trying to bust this cycle with 1g shroom and I have had success with DALT while still on my verapamil. I have been unsuccessful this cycle using both DALT and Shrooms on separate occasions. I have not been able to get off my verapamil for about 7 years now, which is starting to make me think I might be chronic. Anytime i lower my dosage I get hit really really bad. 

I am currently on the D3 reg but I am missing the boran. Is there anyway we can purchase the full regimen from one source similar to the O2 mask. Would be nice to purchase a D3 reg specifically for cluster people in one kit. Maybe its just wishful thinking.

Any advice is much appreciated.




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