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SUN Pharma works on 3mg sumatriptan

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Yesterday I heard from my neuro that SUN is working on a 3mg auto injector next to the normal 6 mg.
Might be a possibility for folks that now have to split the 6 mg auto injector manually.
Keep you posted on when it becomes available, here in Europe-Holland.

All the best

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You will find it more cost effective and less painful to just get multidose vials and draw up yourself.  You can get 2-3 doses per vial using a TB or insulin syringe.  There is considerable cost savings with the vials if available and for some reason that prescription sometimes skirts quantity limitations insurances impose.  You can bet there will be no savings in a reduced dose auto injector.

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....agreed with everything Pebbles said...doubles or triples supply therefore lowering cost, side effects and rebounds. the tiny insulin needles are less scary (tho not to everybody) and painful compared to the stat dose....and if prefilled, just as convenient (i used to carry such in a stat dose sleeve). until i found zomig ns to be superior in all aspects (save price) this was my last resort abort...

....insurance companies should actually be pushing these for all the above reasons.... but seem ignorant of the product in multiple ways...which is bizarre since the money aspect alone seems to be their driving force ( i long ago abandoned any illusion that concern for patient care/well being was involved in any of their decisions). where i used to get them (costco), the pharm was as perplexed as me... "same drug, same total dose, same price...what's the problem?"

....availability and knowledge of supply has always been puzzling to me....on every CH forum i've ever been on can be found stories of clusterheads being told by docs, pharms, ins companies: these "don't exist, can't be found, not made anymore, or what's that?".... so once again i do an internet search and can find it every time. maybe not conveniently, but were it me, i'd dog hunt it down....

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