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eye patch flap?

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Hi i wanted to start a little survey.

I'm looking for an easy, inexpensive way to track down our suffering ^^

who of you has tried an eye patch? or during a period one used by the ophthalmologist?

I found a logical explanation for our pain on the website of an optician!

the talk is of an inflammation of the eye muscle.

which should be created by balancing the eyes to each other. this optician would make prism eyeglasses to prevent inflammation! he says it would provide relief but not a cure ..

but experience has shown that it would be much better than any glasses.

i'm trying to wear sunglasses without glasses ..


I find his explanation appropriate because I had my first conscious cluster.

when I did an ebay research. I scoured countless pages and got a cluster.

today I know that it was ... not back then


i have a sock wrapped on the side where my pain occurs. last night it at least possibly worked, as a test I overloaded myself extensively with mcdonald food and watched netflix until late at night ... with an eye patch. usually i get at least one attack the same night from eating :)

I'll keep you up to date!

best regards

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today i had 3 nights in a row without pain.

I cover my eyes while working on the pc, while watching TV, and while staring at the smartphone..

it struck me that I used the sore eye .. while working without covering it .. normally very concentrated..

and i can eat what i want, also smoke. I'll have a beer or two tonight.


but i'll cover my eyes for the whole evening .. alcohol confuses two eyes more than one eye:wub:

you are welcome to say something about it, and sorry for the bad english^^






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Sorry, but I got a chuckle reading that you cover your eyes while working on the PC and watching TV.   ha ha. :)  I'm sure you meant something else.  I worked with some programmers years ago, that I swear they did the same thing while programming.  When their code worked, there was no way of figuring out why...  ha ha..  

I'm glad you're getting some pain free time, but I'd be very skeptical of any type of glasses stopping our CH.  From research our condition is related to an inflammation response.  Hence the reason O2, Prednisone etc do work.  Brain scans have shown the Hypothalamus in our brains is all messed up during an attack.  That our brain is actually triggering the episode.  Also, the hypothalamus controls our circadian rhythm (when to wake, sleep, eat, sex etc).  That's the reason our attacks are typically very regular (though as you've pointed out, food and smells, among other things can be a trigger also).

Keep us posted how you're doing, but don't rule out that your cycle may have just stopped at the same time as well.  20 years ago I tried verapamil and my attacks stopped.  I thought it was a miracle cure.  The next year my attacks started I went back on verapamil.  Nope.  Didn't to anything.  I figured out that the first time my cycle must have just ended at the same time I started the verapamil.

Cheers. :)


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