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EHMTIC (October 2010). "Abstracts of the 2nd European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress (EHMTIC). October 28-31, 2010. Nice, France". J Headache Pain. 11 (Suppl 1): S2–150.

The free full text here: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007%2Fs10194-010-0259-3 Â… includes the following abstracts:

88 Sustained efficacy of occipital nerve stimulation in drug-resistant chronic cluster headache after up to 5 years treatment.

115 Treatment of cluster headache using peripheral nerve stimulation; a case report

142 Age at onset and gender ratio in cluster headache: clinical observations over 15 years

166 Involvement of latent Herpes Zoster Virus in the development of forehead allodynia and aggravation of cluster headache (2nd report)

178 Chronic headache in paediatric age (incl. CH)

n.b.: "(B) chronic cluster headache is more frequent in young females than in males Â…"

180 Leuprorelin as therapy of chronic cluster headache refractory to conventional prophylactic therapies and deep brain stimulation: open label observation

182 Propofol narcosis in refractory chronic cluster headache

183 Features of cluster headache refractory to conventional therapies and deep brain stimulation

216 Two cases of cluster headache relieved by pregabalin

219 Low prevalence of chronic cluster headache and aura, and uncoupling of sense and behavior of restlessness in Japanese

223 Markers of endothelial activation in primary headache disorders (incl. CH)

226 Levels of nitric oxide metabolites in cerebrospinal fluid in active cluster headache

237 Orbital myositis posing as cluster headache

262 Is subcutaneous stimulation of the greater occipital nerve the invasive treatment of choice in patients

with chronic headache syndromes?

274 Memantine for prevention of cluster headache: a possible new treatment?

292 Two cases of cluster-like headache secondary to surgical intervention

293 Prophylaxis therapy of the episodic and chronic cluster headache with zonisamide: an open study

312 Illicit drug use in males with cluster headache compared with that in the general population: a cross sectional survey

332 Central facilitation of trigeminal nociceptive processing in episodic and chronic cluster headache

334 Greater occipital nerve infiltration with cortivazol for cluster headache (CHCI): a double blind randomized controlled trial

371 Unilateral and bilateral trigeminal autonomic symptoms in cluster headache

389 Headache and BOTOX®: a case report of hemicrania continua responsive to botulinum toxin type-A

428 Successful treatment of cluster headache with the antihistamine terfenadine

438 Hemicrania continua-like syndrome after ipsilateral lateral medulla infarction with significant painrelief on occipital nerve stimulation

481 Diagnostic delay and misdiagnosis of cluster headache

483 Secondary headache in periodontitis (incl. CH)

500 Use of cannabis among cluster headache sufferers: frequency and effect on attacks

502 Twenty years of mid-face cluster headache diagnosed as ‘‘TMJ’’

538 Injections of the greater occipital nerve in episodic and chronic cluster headache - efficacy and safety of 113 injections

546 Evaluation of habituation patterns in cluster headache

549 Burden of disease in cluster headache

559 Cluster headache-like headache in an eight-year-old girl: case report

585 Subcutaneous occipital nerve neurostimulation; treatment for refractory headaches

... and some more! ;)

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WOW! This is an excellent summary of relevant research. I happen to have both chronic CH and chronic migraine along with vestibular issues (dizziness and vertigo). I've been led to believe this is rare, but according to a study cited here, it's not uncommon at all.

I found several abstracts here that I've been seeking to learn more about. Very happy this research is happening. Thanks for posting!


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I've been led to believe this is rare, but according to a study cited here, it's not uncommon at all. 

Not rare for me... A few times a year I get vertigo, blurred spots, traveling numbness on my left arm, followed by 2 hours of migraine headache, which is nothing compared to a CH I get. lol If it is rare, I have them as well. If CH weren't enough...

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