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LDN has given me my life back


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Hi all, now that I have found relief, I thought I would circle back and post about it here.

I am not a doctor but this is my experience and obviously is not advice. 

I got a terrible 'flu' when I was 15 and got lots of persistent symptoms including daily brain splitting headaches that lasted for 45 years.  That's the very abbreviated version.

My headaches had a lot in common with cluster headaches but also had some differences.  

Busting was almost the only thing that helped me but I felt terrible when I was doing it so I didn't do it as often as I should to keep them at bay. I would get really bad vertigo for hours when I busted.  Oxygen didn't help me at all and Vitamin D messed up my thyroid balance and caused other problems so it was a no go for me in larger doses. 

My doctor recommended low-dose Naltrexone and it has literally changed my life.  I only get a few headaches a month and they are much more manageable. Sometimes, Tylenol at the beginning is all I need to get rid of one. That is unheard of for me. Sometimes I get the symptoms of a headache (tearing eye, swollen sinuses, stiff neck, etc) but no pain.

While I know this is not the case for everyone, I have zero side effects from it and I know that many other people have the same experience.  

LDN is typically given in much larger doses to help people get off opioids. The typical dose for that is 50 mg and up.   It is also given off-label for people with auto-immune illnesses, headaches and other uses, at tiny doses beginning at 1 mg.  

I can not stress enough how different my life is now.  Wishing all of you a similar future.




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