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Do your episodes get worse year to year?

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I first want to say how much I appreciate everyone who built, maintains, and have posted on this website. I've learned more in the last week and a half than I have in the 4 years since I started having these attacks. 

Can anyone else say their episodes have gotten worse over the years? Mine are getting worse in that I'm having attacks several times a day and any time of the day. In past years I've had at most 2 a day but more importantly they were always at night. 

I've started the D 3 regimen and am working on getting my O2 equipment. I've also found that caffeine does a great job of stopping them.

I had an interesting experience a few nights ago. After drinking too much coffee earlier in the day, which did stop the pain, I had upset my stomach to the point that when another headache came on that evening I ended up getting sick. After I had emptied my stomach the pain was gone! Definitely NOT a recommended method but I am curious about the physiology going on there. 

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Yes. Worse year to year, including longer lasting attacks.

But as a consolation, longer remissions as the years have gone by (a pattern that had started prior to any of my busting sessions, etc.)

And I too have ralphed during an attack, probably at least partly due to a reaction to an ineffective ergotamine inhaler abortive med, but the attack continued on pretty much unfazed as I recall.

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....depends on the time frame.....first yr a slow ramp up (tooth pain only) , next few yrs peak ass kicking..... then slow ramp down next 20.....at which point went from ech to cch. chronic responded better to all aborts and hits at lower levels (still woulda killed a civilian, but i digress)....currently near daily shadows but only rare actual hit. get your plan of action and attitude in line, have the tools on hand or easily accessed, and be prepared to zig when the beast zags...you'll do fine.

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For me, there have definitely been year-to-year changes in the frequency and intensity of cycles and attacks. Four years ago, I had three cycles in a single year, and the cycles also lasted about 2 weeks longer than usual (despite verapamil). Last year, I did not have a single cycle. One important thing I noticed is that my headaches get worse (longer cycles, more often, more intense) when my cardio fitness is low. The difference between four years ago and last year is that I have lost around 10kg due to changes in diet and exercise (especially running and swimming). The improvement makes sense to me because, after all, it is my cardiovascular system that moves around oxygen in my body during an attack. The better my cardio fitness, the better my body can move around oxygen.

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