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Psychedelic-assisted therapy, including the use of 'magic mushrooms', may aid in the treatment of PTSD, research suggests.

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I'll be interested in how the continuing research shakes out regarding psilocybin and PTSD, since I've been reporting for quite awhile that I credit Vitamin M busting with pretty much entirely quashing my previous PTSD-like dread of CH, and I hope others could receive that additional benefit from their busts


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Another in the seemingly constant stream now of psilocybin trials for PTSD, depression and stuff (alongside any currently underway specifically for treatment of CH):

 "Magic Mushrooms Are Safe to Treat Mental Health Conditions, Says Another Landmark Trial."

"A trip to the doctor for a dose of magic mushrooms could help treat mental health conditions like PTSD, according to new research.

Small doses of the psychedelic drug psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms are not only good at easing disorders that are resistant to treatment, but they also have no short or long-term side effects in healthy people, scientists say."


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Well I've had CBT and I've got to say it didn't work for me as I wasn't will to talk about what I did or saw whilst in the military which caused  my PTSD ,I have really bad nightmares which I call horrormares , I have done for over 20 years know It caused the break up of my first marriage .I will say that since I've used vitamin L the horrormares have subsided not completely but they have calmed down . My mental health nurse has said she has noticed a difference in me and top me to carry on with what I'm doing . I did explain to her that I was using it to treat my CH , but as she said it's also helping with my PTSD 

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Its interesting that the military is a primary funder of psychedelic therapy.  There are several trials underway looking at treating PTSD, moral injury and brain trauma with various psychedelics.  Mechanism of action and effective protocols are still undefined but the overall success rates are not disputable.  

Veteran self help groups and/or healing circles are also widespread.  Less is specifically known about outcomes because these groups hold thing closely and in confidence.  They tend to practice a combination of talk, classic psychedelics and other psychoactive substances like toad DMT, ayahuasca. ibogaine and MDMA.

Hopefully successful protocols and positive results will become the norm.  One thing for sure is psychedelics have the potential to make the world a better place.  

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