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Washington Post article (4/3/21) featuring Bob Wold and Clusterbusters


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Great, in-depth piece yesterday that brings visibility to Clusters, our battle, and the struggle for acceptance of psychedelics as a treatment. 

Thanks to Bob Wold, Dr. Emmanuelle Schindler, Dr. Larry Schor and others for their continued support and pushing the message for the benefit of us all

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I encourage everyone to read this. It's a great article to share with friends, family, and people that really don't understand what we're up against every day. It's amazing to have something recent from a nationally-recognized publication like the Washington Post to share. 

Please take advantage of the timing and relevance of the article. With 11,000 Clusterbuster members sharing this article we can help leverage the great work that Bob Wold and others are doing on our behalf. This type of media coverage is difficult and rare to achieve for our disease. 

This is a great community that has done more for me personally than you'll ever know. I'm so grateful to Bob and each of you for your contributions, support and encouragement for survivors of Cluster. 


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Ooh, thanks for the tip off, I read it and liked it - a bit surprised my Google News feed hadn't offered it up already, as it tends to know (after I've allowed it to spy on me) that I'm interested in this sorta thang.

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Thanks MaxHead for posting the article. Yeah it turned out pretty good. It was great that the author interviewed and quoted a lot of good qualified people like Dr. Schindler that gave the treatments and clusters in general, the respect they deserve. The author is a Pulitzer Prize winning author so she carries quite a bit of weight and the article is getting a lot of attention for clusters.

Thanks for everyone here that has helped keep  these fires burning all these years. Its been a team effort.

Way to go team ;-)



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This so well written! Wow.

I especially love this part:



Clusterbusters’ out-of-the-box efforts on behalf of its pain-wracked members are “the stuff of movies,” said Rutgers University sociologist Joanna Kempner, who is writing a book on the group. She compares the clusterheads to the 1980s HIV activists who also boldly experimented with unapproved drugs.

“Medicine has ignored these patients for so long that they live in a wild west of treatments,” Kempner said. “They saw the gap in research and did their own research on their own bodies.”

In the process, Clusterbusters has won the hearts — and help — of key allies in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.


But the whole thing is really awesome!

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