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Post episode "hangover?"

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I've been attack free for nearly 80 hours, but over the last day or so I've developed a constant, dull ache behind my right ear and in my right temple. This was the area most severely affected during my attacks. It feels as though I have a slight "cluster hangover" - no attacks, but a constant low-level pain. LSA tea has helped somewhat, but it hasn't completely knocked it out. It's a hell of a lot more manageable and desirable than a full-blown attack, but it sucks nonetheless. My scalp and hair follicles on the right side are sore as well.

Has anyone experienced this?

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Oh, yes. Right now in fact. After you have exhausted the usual, like ice, heat, or a sput or some ginger tea, you might try some Tylenol or Excedrin. Sometimes a couple of Red Bulls. Sometimes a Red Bull or any energy drink with Tylenol.

Moving around a bit helps. But taking on a big project isn't good.

Yes, it does suck. I've thrown in some sudafed and antihistamine because it feels like a sinus headache. A few sips of the LSA tea, sounds like a good idea to me.

Or crush 3 or 4 seeds and put under your tongue, for about 20 minutes.

Sounds like I'm reaching for straws. And I am.

If nothing else, it keeps me busy.

Short answer, it is pretty common.         Leslie

ps mine usually go away when the sun goes down.

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Yeah, I just figure that when something like that goes ripping trough your head, there's gotta be damage to recover from.

It's actually been a justification for taking preventative or abortive meds for me in the past, since some of the meds felt like they did less lingering damage than an actual attack would've.

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I took one LSA drink (25 crushed corymbosa seeds steeped for an hour in cranberry juice) and it mitigated it a bit. But it didn't completely subside. I drank a second, identical mixture, and it knocked it right out. Feeling awesome (read "pain-free") with no high feeling or trippy sensations from the LSA preparation. Man, that stuff is a miracle cure!

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