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WTH!! Essential Oils worked?!! (Edit - not really)


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Let me start off by saying, I was a big skeptic of essential oils.  I have a family member that I have joked with for years about her belief in it.  Today, you can call me a believer. 

I first started getting CH 12 years ago and it has always been a 2-4 month cycle every 1.5 years.  I started my cycle in December 2020 and did all of the usual things that I know work.  D3, busting, etc.  Still, I'm in month 5, which is not normal.  One thing that has happened in the last 30 days is the frequency and pain level have decreased dramatically.  So much that during the day, I only have shadows, albeit really bad ones on some days.  There was an occasional 6 - 8 level hit in the evening.  My issue is that I was consistently having a hit every 1.5 hours while sleeping.  I was getting very little sleep and was terrified to take a nap during the day.

While at the local rodeo/fair, I saw someone selling something called Migraine Buster (lots of essential oils).  Normally, this is something I would silently laugh at and move on, but I decided to see what they had to offer. She applied it at the base of my skull, around the ears, across my temple and on my lower cheek.   The smell was very strong.  I had a decent headache at the time and didn't notice a difference, so I walked away thinking I had just wasted my time.  Late that night, I woke up and had a small hit.  I used the sample she gave me and put in the same locations with a bit more near my nose. I slept the rest of the night and woke up with zero pain. Typically, I get a hit when I wake and it is the worst of all of them. Fast forward 2 days and no hits at all.  I assumed this was from a recent bust the day before the fair. I had forgotten about the migraine buster. 

As I expected, the hits slowly came back and I was getting very depressed at the thought that I was becoming chronic. Yesterday, I was running things through my head to try and remember what I had done beside the bust?  Then I remembered that I had used the migraine buster late at night a week earlier.  I thought I would try it again and asked my family member if she could make something similar.  She made me a roller and I applied it in the same spots as before (don't get it in your eyes!).  I was still very skeptical. As usual, I woke with a hit shortly after going to bed, but was able to get rid of it in less than 10 minutes.  I slept the rest of the night and woke up with no pain. I've applied it every two hours today and only a small shadow here and there.

I'm going to keep applying every two hours and will update this post tomorrow.  Based on my experience with other treatments, this is almost miracle like. It is crazy how different I feel today vs yesterday.

You can find the migraine buster here - https://www.floridasbest.com/product/migraine-buster. The website is really slow, so be patient. If you have someone that sells essential oils, I included a pic of the ingredient list and you can ask them to make a roller for you. 

I may be premature with this post, but I had to post this so someone could benefit. I'll update soon.  Best wishes.




Update (04/18/21 9:15pm CST) - I broke my no nap rule and took a nap this afternoon. Woke up with a hit around 3 or 4. Easy to abort, but disappointing. No shadows though, so I'm happy.

Update (04/20/21 8:35am CST) - The last two nights have not been my friend. Hits every 2 hours with some taking up to an hour to abort.  While I certainly believe that the essential oils are helping (especially with the shadows), it is obviously not a cure. I'll keep searching.


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This is interesting. I will put a little piece of paper towel or tissue with Frankincense oil on it and press it to the roof of my mouth for about 3 minutes to help abort an attack. Used like a 5hr energy drink along with the oxygen and it does seem to help me. My wife found out about this on some essential oil website a few years ago. 

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