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Beer test - your experience or what to expect in terms of hits

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Hi folks,


another question - I am sick of having CH control my life and just as with my other post about daytime napping I consider rather tacking a hit then continue living in this prison.

A question on beer - I never attempted to drink during cycle, in fact I am pretty much not drinking alcohol at all (last drink was like 1.5 years ago). If so I just drank clear liquor / cocktails which I actually didnt enjoy, I dont like booze to be honest so I just stopped completely. 

However since years and years I still can´t suppress my craving to sit in the evening sun together with friends, having a nice barbecue and some beers. Its not about getting drunk but this is my ultimate personal recreation setting from the "good old times" without the beast.

Please dont start a discussion of you dont need alcohol to be happy etc thats not what its about. I have tried for years and years to shift my mindset but it does not work. I miss it too much.

My question is - can I abort a hit after a beer just like any other hits, or do I risk to face a long lasting, severe, eventually not stoppable hit ? Body needs to metabolize the beer etc so thats why I think there is an increased risk then other triggers.

The obvious answer is "try it" i know :) but I am just overly cautious and frankly afraid. Maybe someone can share experiences.

thanks again & best


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My one experience drinking during a cycle was not a good one. It was Christmas and I had a glass of wine with family.  Bad call for me!! I wound up in the bedroom huffing O2, with little recollection of the evening after the hit. But, you will never know till you try it yourself. I was in remission from that cycle when I tried the wine. Fortunately went back into remission after the one hit!

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.....got pretty good at knowing when it was "safe" (no shadows, no symptoms of a hit w/o pain, gut feel).... but the few times i missed, O2/energy drink  didn't work and i had to go to my abort of last resort: Zomig NS, which worked 99% of the time no matter the causation. no recollection of any one-off trigger kick starting a cycle.....

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unfortunately I have that same urge to just hang out and have a few beers with friends and family myself. A few years back I tried it and it lasted about an hour, then I was on the o2, 5 hr drinks and ultimately imitrex injection to stop most of the pain about an hour into the hit. It was much worse. I am chronic so no off season for me. I have tried wine with the same outcome. Brown whiskey is a little better and I can sometimes pull that off with a little hit or nothing at all but I can also get crushed. Clear drinks like vodka are just a tad better but still make me nervous so I kind of tend to stick to coffee.  

If I just try to drink myself through the cluster to the point that I pass out drunk I sometimes will have 3 days of pain free time. Not recommended to do this weekly but I have a few times that I just didnt care.

I also have found that if I am self medicating that I can have a few drinks and hang out like the good old days. I have had a few beers as I was tripping and did not get a hit during the trip, on come down I sometimes have gotten hit but it is no more painful then the daily hits I get so well worth it for me. I dont do it often but it is nice for something like new years evening. 

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