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MM while sleeping?


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I’m curious if anyone has tried to dose with MM immediately prior to going to sleep for the night?   
Usually I can sleep in about any situation unless I’m in my dreaded cycle and wake up multiple times. 

Im currently extremely busy, slightly stressed and can’t find much needed time to devote for busting.  

In theory I was thinking I can take a busting dose and head straight to sleep,  Hopefully waking up in the morning and feeling the benefits.

Has anyone done this, have experience, and or thoughts? 

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I think this would be very individual and dose dependent.  Generally speaking the experience follows a fairly predictable course of six hours.  The dose ingested will influence the intensity of the experience but usually not the length.  Once you get into really high (heroic) doses of 5 gm (dried) the length of the experience is the same but you may have ineffable memories.

Sticking to the sub 1.5 - 3 gm dried dosing I suspect sleep might be a challenge because there can be periods of anxiety and intense closed eyed visuals.  My experience at late night dosing has been to count on being up all night.

Lower doses, sub perceptual doses or micro dosing may be a different story but such doses have less info regarding effectiveness.


A well prepared experience as regards set & setting can be rather rewarding so making time may be worth the effort.  I do understand having a busy life how hard to is to carve out “me” time but fighting the beast deserves some selfishness.


Best to you

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