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Experiences with magnesium

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I have been taking mag along with my seeds and it has seemed to help quite a bit.

I take a 250mg tab most everyday. The hit count went way down, but the combo did not bust the cycle completly.

I do beleive it makes a differance. I will not stop.

Coach Bill

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Hard to quantify with any accuracy. Untreated my cycles were 2-3 months long, 2 cycles a year, 2 attacks a day, morning and evening, never a wake up attack.

Magnesium is one piece of my treatment regimen, I use Batch's PH diet, the idea being to alter your arterial PH to make you less succeptible to attacks. It's the combo of the magnesium, zinc, calcium citrate with vit D, washed down with lemonade, up to 4 times a day. In addition, on cycle, I take 1200 mg of lithium, and use oxygen and occasional imitrex jab for aborts

I'm 50 now, and the cycles are all over the board. 8 month cycles, 2 year remissions, but I honestly can't remember my last KIP 10. I credit that mostly to my treatment regimen, and to some degree to my age.


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