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It has been working for me, I still get Clusters but the intensity is a lot less and it makes them more manageable.  
I just got my bloodwork back as I have not been feeling well and the doctor has asked me to stop taking vitamin d as the levels are at 216 which she says is way too high.      I have been doing the vitamin d regimen on my own for the past 2 years without guidance and following the protocol online.        I take 25,000 ie vit D twice a week and then there is also some vit d in the multi vitamin and also in my magensium/calcium tablets. 

Vitamin D - 216
Calcium - 2,44 nmol/l
Magnesium - 0,84

The above are my results.   Do I need to take a break from taking the vit d?    

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Thank you Spiny!!!     I believe I have to be around the 80 mark on vit d but have no clue how long it takes to lower my values and when I can start again.      I have no clue how it got so high in the first place, I don't go over 70,000 ie a week. 

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Anyone know how long I need to abstain from Vit D to get my levels lower?   I don't know how long it takes for the levels to drop and when i can continue taking it again. 

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Hey Madam,

Thank you for the update and feedback..  Your serum calcium and magnesium  concentrations are fine.  You have two problems. 

(1) You're not taking enough vitamin D3.  A 25(OH)D3 serum concentration of 214 nmol/L (86.4 ng/mL) is too low for half the CHers taking this regimen.  They need a 25(OH)D3 serum concentration between 90 and 180 ng/mL (225 to 450 nmol/L) to remain CH pain free.  The following chart illustrates the normal distribution of lab tests for 25(OH)D3 reported by 313 CHers at baseline before starting this protocol (black) and after ≥ 30 days on this treatment protocol (green) for CHers who have responded to this regimen.


As you can see with the green line, half the CHers under this curve need a higher 25(OH)D3 serum concentration up to 180 ng/mL (450 nmol/L) for a favorable response.

(2) Your PCP does not understand vitamin D3 therapy.  If he did, he would have known your serum calcium is well within its normal reference range so there is no hypercalcemia, a.k.a., vitamin D3 intoxication/toxicity with a 25(OH)D3 serum concentration of 216 nmol/L so no need to stop taking vitamin D3.

Were I in your shoes, I would start loading vitamin D3 taking 100,000 IU/day until I was CH pain free for at least two full days (48 Hours) then start a taper by lowering the vitamin D3 intake to 50,000 IU/day for a week or two.  If I remained CH pain free, I would continue the taper by dropping one 50,000 IU dose once a week each week until I got down to 50,000 IU once a week.  If at any time the CH beast jumps ugly, I would go back up to the previous higher dose.  If you can find it, order some Micro D3 illustrated in the following photo.  You can order both the Bio-Tech D3-50  and Micro D3 from amazon if you don't have them.  iherb.com carries the Bio-Tech D3-50 but not the Micro D3.







Micro D3 is a nanoemulsion of vitamin D3 that has a higher bioequivalence than the Bio-Tech D3-50 50,000 IU water soluble vitamin D3 you should be taking.  Once you have it on hand you can take 0.5cc/day in place of one capsule of the D3-50. 

The following notional graphic illustrates what's happening and what to do.


If your actual 25(OH)D3 serum concentration is below the CH threshold the CH beast jumps ugly.  As your 25(OH)D3 is att 216 nmol/L, your CH threshold is higher possibly up around 250 nmol/L so you need to load vitamin D3 at 100,000 IU/day until you elevate your actual 25(OH)D3 above the CH threshold for two days then start the taper down to a Maintenance dose that keeps you CH pain free.

Hope this helps.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch


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Dear Batch,

I am having difficulty understanding exactly how I need to use this formula. I tried it a few years ago and apparently didn't understand it then either! I have had CH for about 10 years and O2 is very successful for me, but I continue to have headaches. I was recently hospitalized with ian intestinal blockage that required emergency surgery. When I cam home, my headaches had ceased and once more I was jubilant that ti was CH free. Wrong. They returned within days of my return. 

Now, here I am at the young age of 80, seeing my life wasting aways with these headaches and would appreciate your help if possible?

thanks once more,


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Hey Gail,

My wife is 84, loving life and kicks my backside if I don't keep up with her.  She's been following the anti-inflammatory regimen treatment protocol since 2011.  She was a 20 year episodic migraineur until then.  Hasn't had a single migraine since.  I track her labs like a hawk.  Her 25(OH)D3 averages 115 ng/mL (287.5 nmol/L) and her serum calcium id always in the green.   We're both in excellent health and don't take any Rx medications.

The treatment protocol is simple safe and effective.  Here are the basic steps.

1. Discuss this treatment protocol with your PCP/GP.  Just be aware too many doctors are unfamiliar with vitamin D3 therapy so tend to be skeptical and say a vitamin D3 maintenance dose of 10,000 IU/day is too high/toxic. It's not their fault.  Most Med Schools have eliminated nutritional medicine from their 4-year curriculum. When you see your PCP ask for labs of your serum 25(OH)D3, Calcium and PTH (Parathyroid Hormone).  The following graphic illustrates the normal distribution of lab assays for their serum 25(OH)D3 concentrations at baseline before starting this treatment protocol and a second assay ≤ 30 days after starting it.


The initial lab assays for serum 25(OH)D3, calcium and PTH are important.  They provide a baseline to measure clinical progress in elevating your 25(OH)D3 serum concentration without going bust (too much) serum calcium, hypercalcemia.  Around 1% of the population is already hypercacemic without taking any vitamin D3.  You'll need to know if you're in this 1% category as it will require close medical supervision.

2.  Pick up the supplements illustrated by brand and dose that I take and suggest to other CHers and migraineurs.  I buy them from amazon.  CHers who stick with these brands tend to have a higher response rate.


You'll also need to add Micro D3 nanoemulsion illustrated below.  I buy it from amazon.com.  You'll take 0.5cc/day while loading vitamin D3.  This nanoemulsion of vitamin D3 has a higher bioequivalence than the Bio-Tech D3-50 50,000 IU water soluble vitamin D3 you should also be taking illustrated below.


You start this treatment protocol with an accelerated vitamin D3 loading schedule taking two of the Bio-Tech D3-50 capsules/day (100,000 IU/day) and 0.5 cc/day of the Micro D3.  You continue taking this loading dose until you experience a CH pain free response for two full days then start a taper down to a vitamin D3 maintenance dose of 50,000 to 100,000 IU/week Several of us have used this loading schedule and found it very effective.

The rest of my post above to Madam applies.  Remember to see your PCP/GP for the second set of labs for your serum 25(OH)D3, calcium and PTH.  When you have the results in hand, please take the time to fill out the online questionnaire at the following link.  You can add your lab data for calcum and PTH in the comments section.  To start this survey, click on the following link:

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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