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can't get in doc's while wednesday so not been able to ask about O2, It definately looks like the way forward though.

Got a couple of spore prints on the way, thanks to a very kind gent on a shroom forum, so with any luck I should be medicated in 8 or 10 weeks time! I'm sure I'll take to growing shrooms like a duck to water anyway. thanks again everyone for you're advice I feel I can't thank you enough. I just hope that one day I'm in a position to do the same for others.


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I read their stuff, including the research paper...it looks like its finally dawning on a pharmaceutical company a) that busting with hallucinogens works B) that there might be a buck in it for them but most significantly c) they are finally paying attention to the fact that clusters are NOT primarily vascular and that focusing on the serotonergic transmission system is the way to go.

If they help some of us, great; but I must confess to a deep seated distrust of big pharm, especially a company that seems to be trying SO hard with the fuzzy critter pictures and the feel good we love the earth crap.

Don't mind me; I'm just being a curmudgeon.

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Just to clarify, Entheogen is a corporation set up by a group including Dr. John Halpern, Dr. Torsten Passie and Ari Mello.  This is not a big Pharma company, it's a group of people trying to get BOL through trials and into production.

All three of these have been at the ClusterBuster conferences over the years.

BobW is one the Directors of Entheogen Corp  and Marsha (a CB Director) is one of the Entheogen Directors.

It's all there on the web site, work in progress for BOL.


PS:  Fuzzy warm pictures, lol   :-)

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I was not aware it was actually people who care, which is truly outstanding.

I wish them luck dealing with the DEA and the Feds re: the CDS act. When Nixon at his paranoid best decided to declare by imperial fiat that substances like cannabis & the psylocibes, plants with many thousands of years of medical use, had absolutely no medical value, they set everybody back. ( Even though he only really did it to annoy his mortal enemies, the anti-war 'hippies'... true story... Nixon didn't give a shit about drugs).  Note that in spite of years of evidence demolishing their contentions, like the worst of schoolyard bullies they simply refuse to admit error.

Anyway, I believe they are on the right track.

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