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ECH question

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Hello there,

I have been suffering with cluster headaches since I was about 15, and am 29 now. My cycles have always occurred every 2-3 years and have lasted anywhere between a month and 2 months. This current cycle I am in is going on 3 months now and I just wanted to hear anyone else’s experience, do your cycles vary in length? And have you had cycles where you couldn’t pinpoint when the attacks would happen? I have almost always been able to pinpoint my attacks down to the minute, but these feel all over the place. Some days I get one a day at 3pm, other days it’s 11:30, 1:30, 7 etc. just looking for some solidarity I guess. I don’t know anyone personally who has these so it’s been lonely. 



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I think it's pretty common over time for cycles to vary in duration and also in the regularity/predictability of attacks.

Do you feel like your treatment of your attacks (including prevention) is optimized?  Sounds like in the past the cycles have been infrequent enough and relatively brief enough that you might have gotten by with less than optimal methods.  This post might have some ideas for you: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/6213-basic-non-busting-information/

For a feeling of understanding and solidarity (and great info), there's nothing like attending a ClusterBusters conference with a few hundred other folks. This year's is just outside Chicago, September 23-26.

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i am also an episodic every 2.5-3.5 year suffer (although mine can be 3x a day for 4-6 months...what i have found is the more immitrex you use the more the clusters come at random times and since i stopped using it  (and switched to oxygen, red bull  and busting )in my last 2 cycles i have found them to be more regular (at night and then in the afternoon) so if you are using immitrex that might be the reason.


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ChFather thank you for the reply and for the info on the conference I appreciate it. 

cloudy, I have never used subcutaneous imitrex for one of my cycles up until this one, I used my injections 3 times on different days and got terrible rebounds the next day that weren’t aborted by my O2. I wonder if that is the culprit at least in part for this cycle.  

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