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Lyme/borrelia and cronic clusterheadache

Maria Kovanen

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I have cronic clusterheadache and treating it with mushrooms. Usually 1-2g every 2 weeks. Now i have Lyme/ borrelia and very tired. Thought of microdosing 3-5 days in a row. I also have about 8-12 migraines/ month. Is there anybody with cch and lyme? Do they affect each other? 

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i have had lyme a couple of times in my life. covid reactivated the dormant borreliae in my body. i suggest you find a doc who specializes in lyme disease since it can develop into neuro-lyme and that is no bueno.

as for mushrooms: can't hurt but the headaches caused by the bacterium won't be touched by the shrooms.

please got to a doctor.

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