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The stomach


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Has anyone suffer from you a stomach?
Since I had the stomach problems probably a ulcer, I got pantoprazole from the doctor.
For this purpose, I have fed two weeks predominantly of pell potatoes, lots of jog without sugar ..
In the morning, at noon and evening ..
a pureed apple with previously mixed oatmeal (flour) porridge eaten .. Ca 750gr-1kg
Now I'm actually in the cycle.
but after about 5 days, the pain went away, and have now disappeared for 14 days.
But I have to say, I became a night man this year.
I work as soon as the sun goes down and sleep when she has risen.
Previously, I worked as a roofer ..
maybe it's just because of it.
So far I have 2 times 10kg oxygen needed in this cycle.
But it could also be on the stomach, I think!?
The stomach is pretty hard to see through ..
Maybe someone wants to try
Best regards















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