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BPR'S Ultraflow demand valve


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Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel. First time i post on here...


I live in Israel and I am trying to buy BPR'S Ultraflow oxygen demand valve. Would prefer with a DISS conector but at this point any type of conector will do and i'll make the adjustments to a regulator.


I have contacted BPR but they told me they don't sell to individuals and referred me to a distributor called Dolbyvivisol. No matter how hard i try, Dolbyvivisol just won't sell. They almost never reply to my emails and when they do it's always with a strange reason why they can't make the sale, everytime i find a solution, they find a different reason.


Then i asked BPR for another vendor, maybe in the US. Let me save you a ling read - i have tried with several vendors and none managed to help me.


So please, if anyone knows of a way to get this specific demand valve, no matter the conector type and no matter where (I can have it shiped to friends in several counties if the vendor won't ship to Israel), let know how. Just a name of a company which sells these to individuals will help.


Sorry for the long rant and thanks in advance,



This is the product i am talking about:


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29 minutes ago, DANIG said:

So please, if anyone knows of a way to get this specific demand valve, no matter the connector type

In general, a prescription is needed to get a demand valve in the US.  People here have said they have found ways around that requirement, but I don't know how.

Many get them from eBay, where questions are not asked.  I have no idea about possible shipping issues, but this one -- not the specific one you are asking about -- is available.  Looks like it doesn't come with a hose, and maybe you have to press that blue button to release the O2.  Just a thought.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/192499863285?hash=item2cd1e2cef5:g:RhwAAOSwTDpcABu~

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37 minutes ago, DANIG said:

I of course have a prescription for o2

I think a demand valve would have to be specified in the prescription.  Usually (at least in the US) doctors don't include that.  If it is included in yours, then I have no idea why you are getting resistance in Israel, though I can imagine that an overseas prescription might not be honored in the US.  For that eBay one, you don't need a prescription.

I should say again that I might be wrong about needing a prescription in the US (or anywhere).  I am confused as heck about that.  If you look under "demand valve" in the search bar at the top right of each page, you might find more information that will be helpful to you.

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