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Music for CH folks. What ya got?


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I was never a huge fan because EVERY SURFER had this band on rotation at their flipping party, but Badfish hits at a lot of levels. I miss dropping in on a 30 foot swell, banging on the lip hopped up on uppers looking for the Dopamine rush. 


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Violent Femmes


Pet Shop Boys Always on My Min


Baltimora Tarzan Boy

Alphaville Dance With me (Thought I add German Synpop)

Love this song by Howard Jones (No One is To Blame) so much truth

level 42

The Outfield Say It Isn’t So (from play deep)

I’m not embarrassed 



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8 hours ago, Shaun brearley said:

Dave Gahan great voice 

I love these guys. My buddy and I crashed a party once after they played in Michigan and Martin was there. Was fairly epic but I was too scared to talk to him since I was not supposed to be there :p


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I had to do it! This is so effing true! If you aren’t from Bawlmer Hon you will be lost. Our Vernacular confuses the hell out of everyone. I can only think of two strong accents Pittsburgh and Boston, even those aren’t as bad. 



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10 minutes ago, Juss said:

@devonrexI forgot to include Motorhead in our all-nighter and my Lyft driver thanks you! I'm going to send one back. I have wide, varying tastes heavily influenced by my upbringing and friends. 

I am the same, Phantom of the opera and Ministry on the same playlist.

Edit: Phantom, the London cast, to be precise.

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