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Music for CH folks. What ya got?


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1 hour ago, Dallas Denny said:

There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes...


...they gave Dylan a well-deserved Pulitzer ....and for my money, there has never been a lyric written that's more evocative, gut wrenching, and affecting than this. In Japan, they declare artists like these National Treasures ....JP, oh my....


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Taking a different direction, and random one, I had a broad bag of tastes.





And a derivation of syn pop, trying to emulate, synthwave (it fascinates me an entire generation is into the 80s I thought that all they cared about was auto-tune, botox, and Tic Toc)



This band, Night Traveler, is based out of Austin and has enormous potential and is difficult to place. I have talked with them a few times, amazing people. I see them dominating, Night Traveler


While on the more mainstream of things, why not add a classic from a local favorite originating from Rockville, MD (OAR). Oh, and before they sold out and became corporate. 


Lord, the copious amounts of alcohol and promiscuity... And the many nights at Merriweather


I might as well finish with the amazing guitar work of Paul Reynolds and the lovely Ms. Jenifer Connely.













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Gang of Four, despite the Marxist Lyrics, is always in heavy rotation.


Dedication to DC Hardcore, my close friend John Stabb (Schroeder), RIP, thanks for all the knowledge. I love and miss you. 


Dag Nasty is a must



And in another direction


While on Corporate Radio


Some New Wave/Pop Rock

Benjamin Orr (The Cars) Stay The Night



I didn't like much from the corporate 90s but this stood out from Mazzy Star.


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2 hours ago, Shaun brearley said:

Juss I'll give you New order and the stone roses quality 

I'll take it. I don't know many out of my area that followed the DC Hardcore. Stabb was a great guy and he introduced me to an entire world and group of people, music as well. Music is my life and how I pulled through pain, depression, headaches, even suicide. Despite serious, serious mental health issues I once had a high-level job and all pain meds and psych meds were forbidden. Music pulled me through. I always had much older friends and my music reflects that. 

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