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I just read this trial report. My takeaway is this:

  • Comparative Effects of LSD and Psilocybin: The perceptual effects of a dose of 100 mcg LSD were found to be equivalent to a dose of 20 mg psilocybin in healthy volunteers. This is the first direct clinical evidence demonstrating the equivalence of psilocybin and LSD on acute psychedelic effects.
  • Psychedelics & SSRIs: Psilocybin was found to be safe to administer together with an antidepressant. Daily pretreatment with escitalopram for two weeks prior to psilocybin administration, reduced anxiety and blood pressure increases associated with psilocybin but did not reduce the acute psychedelic experience in healthy volunteers.

That is some important info that we need to think about and integrate here!!!

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I am a bit skeptical about the info this company touts.  It is incredibly hard and time consuming to do this research (how long has the Yale study been recruiting) and yet looking at what they report, there are no references to scientific journals to support their claims. A search or govermenttrial.gov yields only one LSD and CH study underway since 2019 and still recruiting 30 patients.  The D3 study Batch is part of a cluster headache search and still recruiting.  It is unlikely to claim expertise and therapeutic results (LSD/Mescaline/psilocybin/etc) in all of these areas.  MDMA has been studied by a large group worldwide (led by MAPS) and they are still at least a year away from final results. The time frame is so accelerated and the lack of references is concerning.  A slick website, lots of unsubstantiated claims and improbable timelines would suggest great caution.  This seems like a financially motivated group trying to piss on every bush in the psychedelic world to claim patent rights

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That is the study I mentioned.  Its the only study underway.  Searching clinicaltrials.gov brought it up.  Its started in 2019 and is expected to close in 2023


you can search by condition and when you combine cluster headache and lsd its what comes up, it is the only study to match that combo



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