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Wooh, I kind of lost track of what you're asking for in the context of that long story. Brevity is a virtue.

Regarding your doctor saying you'll get better on the Zomig, well, I'd say what doctors do best is toil away while the body heals itself.

The pain at the base of the skull, unless sympathetic, is as far as I know not indicative of CH. You've had this long enough to know what you have, but that seems a little off the mark.

I respect you position on O2, but I will say you might not have a high enough throughput. 15lpm or higher.

Cannabis withdrawal can produce severe headaches. If you found a good reason not to use it, why go back?


The triptans can help you get through a tight spot, but I really think they make it worse in the long run. I reserve mine for 8+ episodes.


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Don't edit; the more complete picture the better.

For what its worth:

1. STOP taking the licorice tincture. Immediately. It is in the posts, somewhere back there: If you are under a doctor's care, ASK THEM FIRST. The oxazepam and any other diazepam metabolite can react unpredicatably with SSRIs, which the licorice undoubtably qualifies as,  and the licorice also inhibits downstream cortisol which the oxazepam also does. No wonder its not working for you.

Also, the hypertension med (propranalol) is being compromised by the tincture which can elevate blood pressure.... I can't stress this enough, STOP taking it and do not resume while you are on these meds.

Stay off the cannabis.

The vivid dreams are, in my opinion, when your system is metabolizing out the anti-anxiety and pressure meds; thats why its in the middle of the night;;; Again; just my opinion but your medication history sounds like they are using you as a chemistry set. (Lets try this!).

Everything you put in your body has a rebound effect associated with it, everything, no exception. They are sometimes difficult to see. Its Newtonian physics and its physiology.

The pain at the base of your skull is not uncharacteristic, nor is the neck pain. What type of acupuncture are you getting? Trigger point, concentrating on your scalenes, your SCM muscle and the levator (upper back) would probably be of extreme benefit to you.

Whatever else you so, please stop taking that tincture.


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    I smoked mary since I was 17.Slowed down four years ago when the Chs started (22) . I still do it every now and then for my CH hangovers but from what most people say it can be a major CH trigger, so I try and stay away from it now.I have been thinking though,could long term Mary use in the past be the cause for CHs in some people? it has crossed my mind. Everyone is different. I wouldn't start the Mary again,maybe try other sleep aids like Melatonin.  everyone on here will tell you to snatch up some O2,I'm sure you know that though ;)  Look into Yoga classes, acupressure, and other forms of stretching/exercise. Triptans for me cause major rebounds but that's just me.

Hope that helps some

The V.A.

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I'm seriously considering clomiphene citrate.

Keep in mind that this therapy is generally only prescribed for CCH.

Sam, before embarking on this therapy, I encourage you to check out this thread on CH.com:


It's 13 pages long, but worth the read for anyone.


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