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first busting attempt

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On Friday I managed to regain contact with Hoffman's problem child after not seeing each other for 18 years, and i think she was pissed at me! I took 110 mic's and i expected a bad time as i've been very depressed about various things, but it was a lot worse than i expected, i still don't feel good 5 days later and only managed to sleep for the first time at 6am today!

Why the hell should we have to resort to taking such powerful, mind altering substances, when there are much safer options?

I hope for everyone's sake that BOL gets licenced sooner rather than later because I'm dreading the next time i have to take acid.

Taking it for laughs when you're young with no real worries is a totally different situation to taking it because you have to.

apart from that i've had my longest pain free period since my CH started, however I did get hit today and had to resort to sumatriptan again.

I was wondering whether to dose again, but obviously I'm rather apprehensive about it. I think I might wait a few more days and see what happens.

Oh and while i remember, MDMA was my lover for a long time so i thought i'd try that before acid... Not a good idea as it happens! Made the CH worse for about 5 days after so I don't think I'll be trying it again in a hurry!

Sam the lab rat  :)

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