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A New Years toast to Mr. Clusterhead Supreme, CHfather


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I put the official stamp of Jeebs "Like" on the Clusterheads Poem, but I do think these last two lines from it are worth qualifying:

Unless you are a clusterhead
 You haven't got a clue

I've long considered @CHfather to be an official clusterhead whether he wants to or not. :lol: This guy has consistently come to the rescue of tremendous numbers of fellow clusterheads on the forum over the decade, and while many may not realize it, all while going through the ultra severe pain/afflictions/hospitalizations wringer and them some himself - he's one individual whose severe health experiences I would actually not wish to trade for my own.

Then with his own child a clusterhead, he's "got a clue" and then some. So here's a New Year's toast of infinite gratitude to one Clusterhead with a capital C who has made such a huge difference for so many of us, an individual who I shudder to think what Cluster Busters would have ever been like without, the hyper vigilant, ultra knowledgeable, incredibly empathetic dude who keeps the cluster info real, and who I find myself now building up into some kind of God-like figure, or at least a patron saint of headbangers, :lol: Chfather. :)

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I say we should all chip in to fund a jumbo sized "CLUSTERHEAD!" tattoo for @CHfather at the soonest opportunity, at a deluxe tattoo parlor of his choice. :)

(Of course the irreplaceable queen of the headbangers @spiny and many others who need no qualifications as clusterheads have long royally kicked royal arse too :D)

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You guys on this site do ONE thing absolutely right.

You try to stop the suicides.

So far? I have to say thats a great accomplishement. To not become inured to others suffering? You deserve - all of you on here - a pat on the back. Not simple or easy during these days... ;) thank you. Thanx to all of you for your kindnesses.

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.....ha Jeebs, ALL so true....and when i find myself saying "only a clusterhead would understand", i end up realizing:  "well, whadda bout CHf !?"  and then i weasel word it. actually, i'm gonna take this as permission not to have to do that anymore....because, there is no one more eminently qualified to be a "Clusterhead" than @CHfather....

...also, my thanks to Bob and all the other clusterheads who came together for the being of this site in the first place....and for the admins, mods, board and others who toil on or behind the scenes...and, of course, for my fellow clusterheads who make this journey through the quicksand more bearable ...THANK YOU!

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