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So is that Pinky Tea the way to go?

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Just wondering as my "supply" gets here tomorrow and I plan on ingesting tomorrow night after the House season finale lol. Any other better suggestions or is that the way to go?

PS. Thought it was cool that House actually used LSD to stop a migraine on the show one time  ;)

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Thanks all for the replies... my sis came thru as usual (she's always trying to get me high lol but she's gonna be disappointed this trip is to be under the radar) so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get at it tonight.

Gel caps are the way to go.   

Another thing I've done was to spread honey on a small warm tortilla, add shrooms and roll it up.      

I was under the impression that one wasn't supposed to eat for a while before or after ingesting the shrooms... was I misinformed?

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I wouldn't eat then take mushrooms. You may lose the whole thing in one technicolor yawn. I eat a few hours prior to dosing. The tea is the bomb. Just dont eat them raw, there is no need in ruining a good dosing.

the bb

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