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Checking in and Update!


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Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA for a while…which can be a good thing? I’ve been headache free for about 6-7 weeks now. Not even shadows…very strange since I am chronic. The only days that have been funky are if I don’t sleep enough or have way too much caffeine (like yesterday :( ) 

I did my last bust maybe 2 months ago? A side note, I have completely changed my diet. I mentioned earlier that I have been working out, so I am eating much healthier. I’m eating around 120g protein per day since I am trying to gain. I have stopped the protein powder I was using since it was giving me migraines (not CH, but still unpleasant). I am still RELIGIOUSLY on the d3 regimen that I started in 2019. I take verapamill 80mg 3x per day. These headaches are so strange. I haven’t had to use my 02 tank though! It is collecting dust :) 

I hope everyone is doing well and finding what works for them. 


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