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Does one of you have experiences with the steam of nicotine?

I am a strong smoker and possibly thought the pain was positively influenced with the steam of nicotine solution.

For an attempt I now have a 20mg nicotine solution.

Tonight I'll test it if it hurts me.


The pain is back with me since 22.01.

However, me now hurts the other side of my head :(

Oxygen works very well as before.


Best regards

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I am assuming you are referring to vaping? I am an x-smoker and became as such by weening off the cigs by using the Juul. They come in as little as 23mg of nicotine. I suppose if you smoked more than a pack a day you would most likely be at around 59mg of nicotine. So somewhere around a half a pack would be 29mg. What I experienced with vaping is that it's far to convenient (no smell, clothes don't stink, can get away with it indoors etc.) so even if you lower the nicotine % in whatever fluid or pod you are using you tend to just use it more to compensate for the lack of nicotine. The subject of smoking and CH has come up quite a few times on here and the studies that have been presented don't seem to hold much weight. Additionally nicotine could be a trigger for you so if you are in cycle and smoke it may seem to bring the CH on? I know smoking is a hard habit to kick but I also was told by my neuro that most likely quitting wouldn't help. It's sorta like once you got it you got it? Oxygen helps many on here so I'm glad you have that abortive however I've  only aborted with it once but continue to try different breathing strategies. I don't know if you are on the D3 reg but i recommend it for the simple fact that it has been the only thing that has seemed to help me.  Wishing you pain free days!

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yes i mean Vaping :-)

Currently, strong smoker I'm determined at 60 pieces a day.

I use a 50/50 pg / VG 20mg nicotine salt solution without taste.

First, I had to cough up but now it is very pleasant to smoke.

Whether it triggers the attacks with me I can not say..

My neurologist (non-smoker) tries to try out smoking because he goes out in my case it could end the pain or improve a lot.


At least he expresses me on my wish expressly only oxygen as long as my condition consistently during the cycles.


When I hit at night,and I directly use oxygen.. I need longer to stop the hit.
Therefore, I cook an instant coffee and just go smoking.
After the cigarette, I go to the oxygen.
I quickly pull about 4-6 bags full of 15l min and then put it on 6l min ..
At 6l min, I hold the air until the bag would like to burst ..
So I usually need 5min to cancel.
In the first year I could only bend the cycle with Magnesium!
The 2 year was a lot more tough. D3 Level is with me at about 90 ..
so quite good and it does not help perfectly :)
Since yesterday I still steam and take Pantoprazole again.
This night was wonderful.
I still believe it is on the stomach.
I will report.
Best regards
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First be careful, I recall my grandfather using nicotine as a very effective rat killer, it is a drug and can be highly toxic in larger amounts. As for smoking and ch, I had quit for over a year and had seen no effect on my hits, but I do smoke again now. I just find it as a distraction, kind of focus my mind off the pain for a while, but other than that, I find for myself it really changes nothing with severity, timing, duration in any noticeable way.

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yes E 600 - 605 Dust


I only evaporate Orginal Liquids I do not try any attempts with extracts from tobacco plants  :-)

I realize a faster demolition with oxygen when I smoke a cigarette before.

In this 5 minutes the pain is approaching and I can drink a half cup of coffee.


I did not have any pain and shadows for 2 days now.

1 day a light shadow about 5 minutes, a cigarette a coffee and 5 trains on the e cigarette and he was gone.

1 day a moderate attack .. same procedure and then 5min oxygen.

and no attack again tonight.


if I would change my diet, I could cancel the cycle.

However, I have to increase something again ..

I had a weight of 87kg before the CH and now after 6 years I am at 74kg :(


I think we are increasingly looking for our problem with the wrong brain.

Does anyone know more about the intestine brain axis?

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just wanted to say.


I had two days now with light shadows and have been pain-free since that's good 2 weeks.

Without the intake of proton pump inhibitors, I would certainly have more attacks.


The steam helps me to minimize my tobacco consumption very well.


I wish you pain-free days :)

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I smoke and although I don't see it as a cause I do find that if I smoke too soon after an attack it will bring it back on again. Currently looking to stop but that's easier said than done. I don't really drink and so it's my only indulgence at the moment. Can you explain about the PPI? Do you mean that taking it helps reduce your attacks? I do find I feel my intestines seem to get distressed (more than normal!) when having an attack. I put this down to the blood moving away from my gastrointestinal tract as a response to the CH attack.

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Stop smoking, yes that is also very difficult for me.
I also like to smoke in:ph34r:
At the moment I smoke about 10-20 real cigarettes and mostly 5-10ml nicotine.
When an attack comes
I drink a coffee and smoke one before I breathe oxygen.
Smoking after the attack probably triggers no new attack for me.
Today one speaks of an intestine brain axis.
I think the health of the intestine plays a major role in our problem.
But I can't say more.
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21 hours ago, Mastermerls said:
think the health of the intestine plays a major role in our problem.
But I can't say more.

Most of our Serotonin is made in the intestines. So, yes, there is that part of the puzzle. Busting aims to fill up the serotonin receptors in our brains. Connection? I agree to some degree. No proof, but it has always made me wonder.

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On 5/30/2022 at 2:51 PM, spiny said:


So far I can only say

that I am lucky for five months.

I'm waiting for it to continue testing it with the stomach protection.


At the moment I smoke five cigarettes and about 10ml liquid with 10mg nicotine a day.

Greetings and painless times without end:)

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hu hu


Dear fellow sufferers.

I want to tell again, I am still without an attack.

I wish you the best successes and longest pain -free times of all time.


Best regards


Ps:  24 months pain -free


        smoke and steam still

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