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Rolling File of Clinical Medical Files, Books, Journals (To Start, Neuroanatomy in Clinical Text, Vitamin D Volume II, Mitochondria and The Future of Medicine).


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I'm allowing access to the beginning conversion of over 1,500 clinical medical books, journals, and more. It is most likely significantly more. It will take time. The beginning files are Comprehensive Handbook of Iodine, Handbook of Vitamins, Mitochondria and The Future of Medicine, Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context, The Vitamins, 5th Edition, Vitamin C, Volume III, Vitamin D Volume 2, Vitamins and The Immune System.


You can teach yourself anything. 

Update 1:

I add the out-of circulation and impossible to find Dr. Max Gerson books on how to cure cancer. Yes, the ones with his clinical approach. And, I added the role of magnesium and its pathogenesis in disease. There are a bunch of orthomolecular guides as well. 

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I added clinical guides to the Abram Hoffer approach to treating psychiatric disorders with Niacin and added are actual medical school approaches to dosing on D. There is a bunch of crap in there (now). I will come back to edit. 

The latest clinical evidence, thousands upon thousands of pages, on Vitamin D and Vitamin C are included.

The role of oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, and impact on headaches, CFS, and headaches are included.

Updates coming. This will take months seriously. I have over a terabyte: possibly 2. 

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Having information, interpreting information and applying information is very much an art as much as science.

It is great to have a repository of information but organizing and translating it to use clinically is a very complex matter.

One thing which becomes apparent after interacting on forums like this over the years is the importance of a proper diagnosis first and foremost.  Treatment remains a poorly understood topic largely before clusters are a bit of an orphan condition.  Also there are so many mitigating factors and comorbidities.

Having thousands of pages of information is impressive and a resource but Occam's razor generally prevails. 

Unfortunately no matter how much information is out there we will never be able to "reason" a solution.  Ultimately it takes difficult to perform studies and years of clinical work.  Until we have solid answers "citizen science " remains our best resource.


Thanks for the repository  

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I disagree, but, respectfully, if you understood my intelligence level (ask any of my doctors), you would see that you can decipher information and teach yourself anything. Case in point, I taught myself 3 trades. I fixed my GI issues, and with my Psych NP fixed my headaches, with a spinal cord injury in the neck. 


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I appreciate your civil and thoughtful response Bosco. Unfortunately I had to hide it as part of the quote was a problem and too much time had passed to edit the post.

I have hidden the response from Juss for content unbecoming. It is not appropriate to attack another member or threaten havoc.

So, now we can move on along with this thread if we want. Juss can delete it if he wants. 

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