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Nat Geo ...opinions please


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Hipshot is right and you`re right. Dan, i agree f...em, this has to be done at one point, why not now. Someone has to be the first ones to be looked at (we have our evil cluster eye to look back at them anyway).

I was thinking like a coward, we`re not cowards. My daughter gonna do just fine with her friends parents.

Go Dan, i stand right behind you!! (Not hiding though ) 

Ok, i was told i had to explain myself. What i meant here was that this perhaps may be done, if NatGeo choose to show it in a way that won`t exactly help us though, that will be ok when it comes to other parents and my daughter. Because i will stand behind supporting as anonymous as i can, hidden in a group. I will take precautions, it is up to me how much i expose myself. To tell that we treated this with Hallucinogenic`s at one point is one thing, but from there i think we should be very careful.

Sorry, not a good way to "speak" in a discussion.

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Ron, You stated it perfectly. No winks or twinkles for damn sure. Just despair for now and hope for the future.

If you don't mind I will show your post to Lisa...Do you mind?

Thank you all very much. I wouldn't do this without your support. NO WAY.

I know what to do, if I can just do it.

I even thought about calling my attorney/buddy today but I know what he will say. >:(

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Absolutely 100% right on! 

There's a fine line of perception that given the way natgeo goes, could paint us as desperate sufferers of a debilitating condition OR drug abusers seaking an excuse.

I now worry which path they will take.  Noble and just or sensationilism that might sell more add space.  Obviously it's out of my hands, so can only wait for the outcome.


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I figure that NatGeo will likely have much more incentive to play it straight and tell it like it is: desperate people with the world's most severe pain, finding surprising relief from hallucinogens after exhausting the medical options.

Wouldn't that be a more compelling NatGeo story than making something up about "look at these whiners tripping".  :P

Plus NatGeo is known to have some above average ethics, standards and credibilty, right? I know I like their magazines in the doc's office.  8-)

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  the emphasis of the show would be on the devastating nature of Cluster Headache and the lengths sufferers are willing to go to to find relief. Expensive operations that sever nerves or implant electrodes deep inside CH'ers brains. Folks who've never in their lives broken a law who risk serious jail time by taking or supplying others with illegal drugs. Those who resort to suicide when they can no longer tolerate the pain.

Magic Mushrooms and LSD just happen to work better than anything else. If ice cream had the same magic, no one I know would be dropping acid. It's also true that no one would watch - or make - a show about ice cream: the miracle drug. I'd like to see BOL painted as the miracle drug. An exotic drug derived from LSD but without its attendant hallucinations. A legal drug that could be available by prescription but that is currently prohibitively expensive due to the difficulty of its manufacture and the illegality of its precursors.

This is exactly what brought them to us. Honestly folks, the best story is the truth. The most compelling story is the truth of what we suffer from, who we are, and what we go through.

NatGeo interviewed many people looking to put the right "face" on the story. They want to make sure that its CLEAR to viewers, who we are and why we do this.

I agree that as with any TV news/documentary show, they will want to tell the most sensational storyline. They know from their first story on this, that the truth gives them that. They want to make sure that no one gets the wrong idea.


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Wow Bob, you just hit 200 posts!  I think you should get another star or maybe a strawberry on top.  ;D

Seriously, you say so much with such few words.  You have always amazed me!  (Maybe it's that Harvard education)  ;)


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I have a different opinion regarding the emphasis of BOL as a miracle drug. We don't really know that. There are positive results from a very small study and a private company that is pursuing it. To me that doesn't hold miracle drug credibility. If this is seen as a commercial for Entheogen, I think we've really missed an opportunity.

To me, the critical messages are:

- current medications don't really work and in fact can be harmful

- this group has found an effective mechanism of relief in hallucinogens

- the method of administration is sub-hallucinogenic

- there is proven evidence that these drugs are safe

- there is a potential drug candidate, called BOL-48


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Spot on, Chris - as usual. My hope is that the word "Entheogen" isn't even mentioned, though I believe that they - and BOL - are our current best hope. Anytime a new company is mentioned - particularly an under-funded one such as this - a lot of folks think of greedy little men stuffing their pockets with donations. I think any plea for money or the mention of any company being involved is premature. People expect to be educated by NatGeo. The only pleas for money should be from - and for - them.


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I just want  to give a shout out to Dan here because he's takin' a real hit for the team by doing this NatGeo thing despite the fact that he no lovee the camera.  :o

We appreciate this a very large amount Dan!!

One more thing - I hope you're stocking up on skullcap and/or other relaxing herbs to take with the next bust, especially if it's going to be the long lasting tabs type of bust.

Maybe try the herb(s) out before bed one night just to make sure they agree with you before combining with busting items...?

I know I'm definitely planning on taking a good amount of skullcap with the next bust. I've tried it before bed and felt nothing except sleep.  8-)

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Hey jeebs. Hey Ronnie.

Jeeber, I have given a lot of thought to something you told me. I never directly responded to you but I logged it. You just never what little nugget might hit home....you warned me about the extended trip on LSD vs mushrooms since you know how I hate being out of my mind, so to speak.

I talked to the producer on the phone this evening. She is concerned from a liability standpoint about them enticing me to do LSD  on video and suggested I have my doctor on call.....hahahahaha

Like my doctor would come hang out at my house for 12 hours....haha again. She is justly concerned I suppose and I am too. I like Rons "pristine " as a description of LSD vs shrooms but.... I know just what I'm getting with the mushrooms.

I like the idea of showing my (our) desperation and resorting to LSD because I can't tolerate the mushrooms, but mushrooms on the other hand are what have saved my life. I think perhaps the mushrooms are more sociably acceptable also. I have the piece of mind knowing I have LSD for when I decide to do it. ( thanks angel, whoever you are ;))

What pisses me off is ...what if I like LSD???? Haha "why the hell am I doing these shrooms?"

We are going to play it by ear and they will be in Abilene march  26 th.

Thanks for the thanks, and Ron...yes, anytime 8-)


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Funny you say that Dan,  I've thought the same thing about seeds.  I get terrible stomach upset and cramps with them and have wondered if the sid option wouldn't be easier.

I watched a natgeo show last night on MDMA / Ecstasy.  I have to say I was very impressed with the non biased presentation.  They followed a few people before, during and after taking MDMA explaining the effects on the body and brain.  It was WELL put together!

One item they may have been just a touch bias on is they showed two examples of people that had died from MDMA.  I know they certainly can't promote drug use, but a small note that per capita Viagra or even Tylenol has a higher death rate if high doses are taken, could add a little perspective for the viewers.

Good luck with the interview / Show!!!


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Thanks that hurts, ally, takinit and everybody. I am not alone and the greater good is the prize. None of us spend our time here for selfish reasons. That's what I like about us all. Selfless is more like it. I really appreciate you caring and trying to help me help everybody "out there " that hasn't figured out that there is one last thing to try before suicide.

I got a PM from a desperate sufferer last night. Heartbreaking stuff, this is.

Here we are trying to help ourselves and one or two people at a time.

I hope the NatGeo show helps spread the word that our affliction isn't hopeless.

BOL is the GOAL.

Love 2all


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..I've thought the same thing about seeds.  I get terrible stomach upset and cramps with them..

Hey Jeff - I figure you're talking about HBWR seeds, not RC, is that right?

Just thought I'd bring that up in case anyone not familiar with your bustin' history might read this and get an inaccurate idea about RC seeds (which seem to be milder on the tummy) and their side effects.  8-)

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Thank you Hipshot for having the courage to step out in the light and defend us all!

I´ve just joined this forum and i find it very comforting that such a place like this exists, and that you are all working for the effective medical treatment´s legality!

I would love to do my part, i am trying to get in touch with a cluster headache sufferer in the danish government thinking that if i get him to try LSA then he could be very valuable for the BOL cause in Denmark where i presently live.

I also began thinking about the sufferers that have been caught by the police for growing/keeping medicine at home, the statistics on imprisoned cluster headache sufferers taking their own lives must bee quite high, i know i would not survive in a cell without medicine..

Peace and love to all of you!

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