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Nat Geo ...opinions please


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Just an update. Nat geo will be here tomorrow rather than today...rather than last week. Haha

I think this time they will be able to make it and I hope to do everyone a good job. Wish me luck and I'll update when something happens.

Love and peace and all that stuff


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We are still waiting. They have arrived in Abilene... finally.  They should be here any time now. We have plans for a Texas steak. That's what they wanted. I have changed our reservation at least three times. We now have less than an hour to be at the restaurant.

I'm sure they are whipped. They were in Lima Peru yesterday. Miami to Dallas to Abilene today. I can't help but wonder how they got their jobs.



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Did u say whore moan?

Just arrived home from a really interesting night out. We took Ben (the director) and Lisa (the producer) to a really nice Texas place. Perinis restaurant...best steak anywhere and fairly famous around these parts. The owner has cooked steak for the past five or six presidents to give you a clue.

Ben is a young 30 something world traveler. My daughter was with us. She is 21 and I think she is in love with Ben. Lisa is 50 I think, looks pretty sporty :o 8-) ::)

We discussed everything and tried to put a plan together for tomorrow. They just left for their hotel.

They will be back at our home at 10am. I will tell my story beginning in my bedroom starting with the first attack. They are talking about using two vehicles later shooting me on my way to work with oxygen tanks in the truck...as always.

Around 4pm I will dose. We are still deciding will it be mushrooms or LSD.  :P

Lee Ann showed them the videos she has taken of my attacks with the camera they sent us. I hadn't seen them before. Troubling.

They seemed very pleased and complimented LA for her steady hand.

I like the fact That she has real little hands ;D

More later


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Hey Bud,

So, Dan, wha's happenin'? Did you take your medicine yet? What did you take? How much? I hope you're more at ease than I would be busting with the cameras and strangers and all. What am I saying? Of course you'll be fine. Just be thinking that this is the first step on your way to stardom.

Yur bud,


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Lisa is 50 I think, looks pretty sporty

Pretty sporty, huh?

She is way too young for you Ron

LOL y'all are killing me here!  ;D

I know you hate bustin', Dan, so I can't say "I hope it went well", but I hope it didn't go too bad, that good PF results will be obtained, and that NatGeo uses the video effectively.

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