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Lithium for Clusters worked for me

Jeff R.

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I was a chronic c.h. sufferer for 12 years. I had oxygen tanks in my home car and office. I was going through Zomig nasal sprays like water ( which caused rebound the more i used)

I tried a plethora of meds over the years and nothing worked. I suffered immensely!

Eventually went to the cheif neurologist at Mount Sinai in Toronto about 10 years ago.


Dr. told me about lithium and its side affects ( which i never got ).

I thought she was a total wack job and was so intimidated by the stigma and side effects of the drug that I ignored her and didnt even attempt to try it.

So I suffered as mentioned above trying everything under the sun to make this devil dissappear for the next 10 years. I eventually tried it after 10 years of suffering and guess what - IT WORKED!!!!!!

I started on high does 300 mgs 3x a day for a while and as the headaches subsided I reduced the mgs down to 300 mgs a day.

Its a miracle and I have my life back. For over 2 years now.

If you wan to contact me google "jeff toronto criminal lawyer" i would love to help anyone who has been cursed with this debilitating condition.

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