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how to dose with shrooms if u r chronic


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hello again,

i am seeing my doc on monday and will be detoxing and ready to start busting.

i am chronic and have 2-10 clusters a day. they last anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

i have read and read and read and cannot find any instructions for busting for chronics.

i am unsure of when to take my first dose since there is no long period of time that i am pain free.

i do generally sleep through the night as i have sleep apnea and the cpap machine does keep them away, that is, until i wake up and remove the mask, then i get one almost immediately.

can anyone help me with this?

i want to be sure that i am doing it right as this is my last hope.

i have tried all the meds, the needles, everything that Bob lists on his medicine list on his video and i have very high hopes that this is my answer, but i am afraid that if i don't dose properly i will screw the whole thing up.

will someone please help me as i am at the end of my rope.

i need my life back.  i have spent the last 6 weeks crying my eyes out sitting next to a tank of oxygen and reading everything that i could read on the website.  please help. me.



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That was my first thought.

Hi Barbara. Your story and mine are mirrors looking at each other. I can help and will be happy to.

First thing is there is no wrong way so don't sweat the small stuff. Take 1.5 grams of cracker dry mushrooms. Do you have some? You can do it any time. I would take the first dose right now!!!

You mentioned the detox and if your body isn't absolutely full of years of medications it will probably be ok. Get fully detoxed and bust five days after your first dose. Repeat if necessary and stay off other meds if you can.

I was CCH for seven years and I have cried my eyes out and my heart goes out to you.

I got total relief after my third dose. I got immediate results from the first as my patterns changed. That's what to look for in my opinion. If things start to change patterns; that's an indication that the magic is working. I went from crying and desperation to now dosing ...or needing to...every month or two.

I hope they work for you. You have great odds and a WHOLE lot of hope. Hope is a good thing.

Send me a PM if you want to and I will be there for you.

We are all here for you.


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i am unsure of when to take my first dose since there is no long period of time that i am pain free.


I am the mother of a 6 year, 19 y/o chronic.  Busting for about 18 mos now.  Still chronic, but so much better than before.

As long as you are detoxed from all blocking meds, bust anytime.  There really isn't a good or bad time.  You just need to start.  Since you should be in the proper state of mind before dosing, and this is your first time, I would not recommend dosing in the midst of an attack.  Immediately after would be a good plan.  Just so you know you won't be hit for a while.  Be sure you have not eaten for at least 2 hours prior, and wait at least 2 hours after dosing before eating again. 

I don't know if you work/go to school, but be prepared for the post dose hits that will likely hit 24 hours after dosing.  That first 24 is usually a bit of a "honeymoon" so enjoy it.  But starting the next 24-72 you will see increased activity and frequency.  The headaches may seem a little different from your usual, but this is expected, and actually good news, as it indicates that you "shook" things up.  Wait at least 5 days before dosing again.  Here you have to follow your intuition a little.  We have observed it taking up to 14 days after a dose to settle back into what is the "new" routine following a bust.  You may not want to wait that long at first, as it may take a few doses before you really see significant results.  Everyone is different, so it is a lot of trial and error.  It may take several doses, so don't be discouraged. 

Feel free to PM me :)

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Jeff, Dan and Clustermom,

I cannot thank you all enough for your quick responses.  I have been feeling so alone and so down. 

My husband and my family try to understand but noone could ever understand unless they have had to suffer this horrific pain.  And as ihave tried to explain to them, the worst is the fear of the next one.  how long will it be, will the oxygen work, how long will it last, how much hair will i pull out, how much furniture will i break, etc....  i know you all know what i am talking about.

I am so thankful for this website and the people that have helped me find hope.

I have actually watched Bob's video numerous times because just watching him brings me hope.

I will be back with some more questions, but mostly just wanted to thank the three of you for responding to me so quickly and for your support.  It means the world to me to know i have such wonderful people in my corner.

Thanks so much.


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I was chronic for 7 years. It seems as something magic happened, i am totally pf now. When i found this site i started to read all i could find of Flash`s old post`s. What he said about chronic`s was that he rec to bust every 5 day to start with. He found the 4-5 days as the most critical  ones, if CH rambled up again he rec to dose again. Then stretch to 7, 9 etc. I have followed this, also i stayed "pure" from refined foods, held a reg sleep pattern, all those things. It worked for me.

When i came here, i was to exhausted to detox, i couldn`t do it fully and busted. It didn`t work the way it can work, but it work. It worked good enough so that i could detox. In the beginning i had a hard time, i actually busted every 3 day. After a couple of bust`s i could wait 5 days. Stayed there for awhile, same with 7, 9 days. Stayed at 14 days longest i think, after that once a month got to be routine.

In between here, you get stronger both physically and mentally. When that happens you`re strong enough to keep it up on some rough days, cause waiting for the bust to settle is very important as i see it at least. Listen to your body, it will tell you what to do :)

When i came here, i felt so down and alone. The support and help i got from all this wonderful people have given me a new life. I really mean that, everything is changed, in a good way. So feel great hope, this is a turning point in your life :)

I wish you all the best in the world and pain free days :)


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There is no right time to start busting when your chronic - you just have to go ahead and take the plunge.  You will be so glad you did! 

I've been chronic for about 8 years and have had great success using these alternative treatments.  This wasn't an instant cure for me - it's more of a process (I do a treatment every 5 - 10 days) Things have improved  dramatically for me.  The pain and frequency of the CH's is much less.  Some weeks I'll even get a couple of completely PF days!  THAT is amazing!  The only things I use for my CH's now are these treatments and 02 - no more injections or fistfuls of prescription medications.   

I'm excited for you to start busting - I feel positive you will see an improvement!  There is HOPE!   :)

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Barbara... Thanks for asking the question & thanks to everyone who responded. I have been 8 years chronic and just coming off a really bad cycle.. 5,6 up to 8 a day for the last 4 weeks... I too am ready to try a shroom bust... a little nervous.. This feels like my last hope.... I'll be devastated if it doesn't work...so, I want to do it right, also.... Dave

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What I do when I bust is I focus on the fact I'm in a safe place. I'm in a place where nothing will harm me, I'm with my family who loves me, and about to take the best thing for my headaches.

I'm chronic, the shrooms have given me so much pain free time. It's amazing.

If you get some post-dose hits, or aren't pain free immediately, don't fret. That means you've shaken things up. Things changing with your CH means that you've done something to the chemicals in your brain by busting.

Good luck!


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Welcome Barbara. You've gotten great advice here. Best of luck to you. Please bust Asap and report back. We will help you thru the process. And never get discouraged. I may take a little time and may get worse before better....usually a sign that it's working.


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