Oxygen for Cluster Headaches: A Guide


This guide was compiled by Clusterbusters, Inc., based on the indispensable previous contributions of many, many individuals and organizations.

It is provided for information purposes only; advice on the treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a licensed physician who has examined that patient and is familiar with that patient’s medical history.

Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Oxygen. This is an extensive page document, now available for download:


in Word format:  OXYGEN-12-2012  .docx

in PDF format:     OXYGEN-12-2012  .pdf

Note:  we recommend the .pdf file as it is much easier to navigate the links in that format.

Thanks to CHfather for putting this together.

Also, we wish to thank Clusterheadaches.com and DJ for his kind permission to use many of the pictures and some of the content from his web site in the preparation of this article.  For additional information, please see those pages at: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/O2/index.html