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Clusterbuster’s Bookshelf – New Arrivals

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Click on the link you’d like to read and you will be taken to the file.

Bob’s Pocket Guide _ Book One _ Conventional Treatments

Bob’s Pocket Guide _ Book Two _ Psychedelic Treatments & Information

Bob’s Pocket Guide _ Book Three _ Tips for Living Life with Cluster Headaches

A Brief History of Headache, Cluster and Otherwise

All About Cluster Headaches

Busting Hacks

Cluster Headache and Suicide

Clusterbusters Oxygen

D3 Vitamin Therapy and Loading details

High Flow Oxygen Access


There are ways to get involved in the research.
You can help in designing new studies
You can apply to get accepted into a study for a new treatment
There is a patient registry that will allow you to be informed of new treatment studies and for Clusterbusters to show how many of us there are that are waiting for help.


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