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    The treatment of cluster headache is difficult for many reasons.  The nature of the condition itself (episodic, chronic variable recurrences), secondary and/or concomitant conditions, individual responses to various treatments (including adverse responses) and even lack of  knowledge by some health professionals.  Often those with cluster headache will resort to most anything to find relief.

    What follows is a list of treatments many have found effective.  You will need to assess each on for yourself and we strongly recommend you discuss your treatment plans fully and carefully with your health provider.

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    We start with busting and other options follow.  Click on any heading to open the page in a new tab.

    Busting – The Clusterbuster Method

    The Clusterbuster Method is a way of using hallucinogenic tryptamines such as psilocybin to relieve cluster headache. Many cluster headache sufferers, affectionately called “Clusterheads,” find that small, sub-hallucinogenic doses of these tryptamines can end cluster headache cycles and prevent entire cycles from starting.

    Cluster Headache – Acute and Prophylactic Therapy

    A 2011 paper by Avi Ashkenazi, MD and Todd Schwedt, MD.  This is a great synopsis of medical treatment options for cluster headache.

    Anecdotal Non-Prescription Cluster Help

    A comprehensive list of many non-prescription, alternative and interesting options.

    Medications for Cluster Headache

    Medications used in the treatment of cluster headache is constantly evolving.  We include an extensive listing of common medications used in the treatment of cluster headache with abstracts and references.  However, for even more current information on any particular medication we strongly recommend you consult your doctor or pharmacists.

    Online resources are also very helpful, we recommend: rxlist.com



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