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Protocol CP-2019-001 ClusterBusters.org Research Posting
The ATAC Study

Zosano Pharma is sponsoring a research study of an investigational medication/device called C213 for the acute treatment of cluster headache.  The study medication is a novel drug delivery technology which delivers the drug (Zolmitriptan) through your skin, potentially resulting in relief of the severe pain of a cluster headache. The study drug which was recently evaluated in patients for the acute treatment of migraine, will be delivered using two patches applied to the upper arm by means of a handheld reusable applicator.

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you:

  • Are 18 – 65 years of age
  • Do not smoke cigarettes
  • Have had cluster headaches (either episodic or chronic) for at least one year with an onset prior to 50 years of age

If you qualify to participate you will receive all study-related office visits, medical examinations, and investigational study medication at no cost.   You may or may not receive active study medication in this clinical trial.

If you are eligible and choose to participate in this study, you must:

  • Sign a consent form
  • Attend 3 in person visits
  • Have blood samples taken
  • Answer a few questions in an electronic handheld device diary when you are experiencing a cluster attack and after the study medication is applied
  • Perform a monthly urine pregnancy test, if you are a woman of child-bearing potential

To learn more about the study, visit the FDA www.clinicaltrials.gov (NCT 04066023) web site. If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact one of the following locations near you.

Principal Investigator – Frank Berenson, MD
Location – Atlanta, GA
Contact – Catherine Noie
678-705-7341 x219

Principal Investigator – Herbert Markley, MD
Location – Worcester, MA
Contact – Dianna Gubber-Markley

Principal Investigator – Kathleen Mullin, MD
Location – Stamford, CT
Contact – Julia Cinquegrana
203-914-1903 ext 118

Principal Investigator – Stephanie Nahas-Geiger, MD
Location – Philadelphia, PA
Contact – Ashley Liautaud

Principal Investigator – Shivang Joshi, MD
Location – Amherst, NY
Contact – Rebecca Hogan

Principal Investigator – Abraham Nagy, MD
Location – Las Vegas, NV
Contact – Xavier Aradanas

Principal Investigator –   Soma Sahai-Srivastava, MD
Location – Los Angeles, CA
Contact – Soma Sahai-Srivastava, MD

Principal Investigator –   Deborah Friedman, MD
Location – Dallas, TX
Contact – Jennifer Fehmel

Principal Investigator – Nada Hindiyeh, MD
Location – Palo Alto, CA
Contact – Stephanie Tran

Principal Investigator – Jessica Ailani, MD
Location – McLean, VA
Contact – Christopher Gough

Principal Investigator – Barbara Nye, MD
Location – Lebanon, NH
Contact – Aboubacar Cherif
(603) 650-4506