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    Dallas Denny


    Hell has officially froze over and the pigs are a flyin or I have died and gone to heaven!! Medical Marijuana is now legal in Okieland!! As a Medicare recipient my license fee is $20 for 2 years to have 6 adult plants and 6 seedlings, 3 oz in my possession out n about, 8 oz possession at home, 1 oz of concentrates in your possession, and 72 oz's of edibles!! Yee Fecking Haw!!!! Dallas Denny
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    I have found that it was much cheaper for me to pay for my oxygen out of pocket then using insurance. call the oxygen supplyer and convince them it will be better for both you and them if they give you a few tanks. I have 3 M tanks and about 12 E tanks that I can rotate out to get filled and I manage it so I never run low enough to run out over a weekend. I am lucky with my place as they will deliver the next day as long as I call it in by 5pm the day before. I did have issues with them when I first started using them but after calling and talking with just about everyone I could and meeting and dealing with the driver things go much better now. I ordered the cluster mask from the link above and that is 100 x's better for me and I went on amazon and ordered my own regulators for both the M and E tanks. I keep extra everything just in case i break a mask or crack a hose. I keep tanks in my house, garage, car and work. It is kind of a pain in the neck lugging this stuff all over but it is better then a pain the the side of your head.. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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    New to ClusterBusters

    Hi DE....welcome aboard! You might want to nose around a bit and see what interests you in the threads...and feel free to ask questions or share your comments. We wish you didn't have to be here...but it's a good place to be....and we all do what we can to help each other out. As I'm sure you realize...just knowing there's folks out there that UNDERSTAND....is a BIG deal! Have heard of Gabapentin before but not a whole lotta success....but that's me. The reduction you're getting is actually pretty good....but I don't know at what cost (side effects that is, other similar meds can be kinda nasty). Many have found success with a Vitamin D3+ regimen that is cheap and easily obtained in most places....and you REALLY need to explore oxygen therapy as it is an absolute life changer. See this thread in another forum ....no membership required to read: you might have to type in the address...cut and paste doesn't seem to work for me. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/O2/index.html Re verapamil. Typical sweet spot for clusterheads is around 480 mg/dy....divided doses of normal release (it also comes in extended release...which works for some but doesn't seem to be as many). Some go over 1000 mg/y (myself in HIGH cycle). 240 is a good starting point tho typically there would be a steroid IV and/or taper (1-2 weeks) to break a cycle until the verapamil kicks in. Personally I would not use verap AND Gabby at the same time....due to cost, side effects AND not knowing which one is really working (if they even do). With oxygen, D3, and perhaps energy drinks (over 100 mg caffeine and > 1000 mg taurine) drunk cold and fast at the first sign of a hit and script meds might not even be necessary. Others will be along shortly....I always forget something important or my technology IQ fails..... Best Jon
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    As far as breaking a cycle I can not help you with that but what I have done in the last year or so is start the D3 regimen and obtained oxygen to about clusters instead of taking any other meds. The D3 helped bring the clusters down in length and pain level. The oxygen aborts them with no side effects. you can find much more information on both by using the search function.
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    Message Board Issue and Upgrade

    Friends, Wed 27 June the message board will be down for a few hours during the day for software upgrades. We'll get it back up as soon as possible after the update and testing. Hopefully this will resolve the signup issues some have experienced. Cheers, J
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    Dallas Denny

    Well Crap, They're Back

    G'afternoon Snaithbert! I'm with jon....chances are slim that ins will cover O2, and it IS expensive out of pocket.....I had a little better deal than jon at $12/E tank......but I was going thru a full tank every 24 hours so was driving 1/2 way across Dallas twice a week! Then came welding oxygen!! $150 cylinder deposit, $6/mo cylinder lease, and $18/refill for a large ( 9" dia x 48" tall) cylinder.....added a weld oz regulator from Harbor Freight for $50 (they've discontinued that model and the one they carry now is around $70), and a clusterO2mask from the clusterheadaches.com store for $30.....(heavy as hell to shlepp around but in a 20 plus week cycle I used 2 1/2 tanks and only 1 Trex injection and no other big pharma meds! When I retired and moved to okieland a few years back my local welding shop didn't lease tanks so I had to buy the same size tank outright for $300 and refills cost me $21! Been huffin it now for 9 years with no ill effects....just don't let the welding supply folks know you intend to breathe it! Dallas Denny
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    gail CRUTCHER


    Has anyone used this with success? I have only begun and it broke a cycle after 2 uses. I am hopeful and if you know more about it than I do (which wouldn't have to be much). i'd love to hear from you! Thanks, gail
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    I don't see that any ADD meds are listed as blockers in the "official" list in the ClusterBuster Files ("Playing Well Together"). There's a post here from someone who thinks Adderall interfered with his busting: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5148-busting-help/?tab=comments#comment-53289 There are probably other Adderall-related posts that you can find using the search bar at the top right of the page. This is all anecdotal and guesswork, unfortunately -- even the "playing Well Together" list, which is from 2010, is not really reliable. Since you're probably going to have to bust more than once, you'll have to take that into account when deciding about stopping and continuing meds. Wish I could be more helpful!
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    It is generally agreed here that you need to be off triptans and other blocking medications for five days before a bust. I say that is "generally agreed here" because some dissenting views have been expressed lately, saying that while triptans might block busting, there is no need to be off them for five days. I don't think anyone can say what is "true" about that, so many of us still recommend the five-day "detox." It is said here that you could use a triptan right after busting and it won't "unbust" you, but you'd have to wait five full days after taking it. As with Denny, it's my understanding that the D3 regimen and busting are compatible. You've probably answered this somewhere already, but what meds are you taking (for CH and anything else, since some non-CH meds are also believed to block busting)?
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    Hey Clusterman! To my knowledge, it's not necessary to DC the anti inflammatory regimen when you bust....pretty much everything else with the exception of low dose verapamil you need to avoid. DD
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    Hi, I've read alot about the negative side effects but to each there own right. I'm quite new to the forums but thought I'd give you my two cents about it. My PMD prescribed me Gabapentin about 2 months ago because my CHs were becoming very bad, and I was told to start with 900mgs a day (300mg capsules spread out 3 times a day) it took about 2 days to kick in but it saved my life in a way, my side effects were bad diarrhea for about a week and no appetite. But to me that was a small price to pay compared to about 4 CHs a day. Its 2 months later and I'm currently taking Verapamil as it is seeming to do wonders right now. I just stopped Gab 3 days ago due to getting Verapamil now but before I stopped I ended up having to up my dose to continue getting the benefits of Gabapentin. But if I'm being honest, try it and see what if any side effects, and if there manageable, go from there.
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    Thank you!! I will see how much the O2 will cost through insurance and keep you posted on my progress. So far I am still waiting to hear if insurance is going to approve it.
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    New to ClusterBusters

    I can also vouch for the D3 and O2 i found about from this site. I have not gotten total relief from one or the other but I did cut pain and length of my headaches down and the best part is I no longer use triptans for aborting my pain. I should not say never, I will take it but maybe once a month just for a real head banger. I feel your pain and also get 4 to 6 a day but they are now manageable, I too get very frustrated at times and think nothing is going to help me but then think back to before I had this site to read other stories. You are not the only one and somebody always has it worse off then you do. With time and trial and error you too will find something that will help ease your pains and you will be giving advice to others. I wish you the best of luck and ask a tun of questions and you will get true answers from others who have already tried it, not like a doctor who may have read about something one time and it sounds like it should work. Oxygen will become your best friend..
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    Most O2 suppliers don't know anything about CH, so they are likely to give you the wrong stuff. If you get a prescription and decide to go forward, call the supplier before they deliver anything. Be sure that they understand that you need at least one large tank (an M tank or an H tank), at least one smaller tank (an E tank) for portability, a regulator that goes up to at least 15 lpm (the prescription will state a flow rate, probably 15, but if you can get the doc to write it for 25, that would be great), and a NON-REBREATHER mask. Let us know how that goes. The mask will work but you could also order a mask specially designed for people with CH, which many people find to be a very big improvement: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/ There have been two people here who underwent a lot of hormone replacement therapy because they were transitioning. As I'm remembering, one felt certain that that therapy made the CH worse, and one found the opposite to be true. That's what I think I remember. You could try putting "hormone replacement" into the search bar ) top right of the page) and see what comes up.
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    New to ClusterBusters

    ++ What Jon' said. Gabapentin sometimes helps, but many people find the side effects hard to take (general dullness, lack of coordination, etc.). I agree with Jon''s hesitancy about verap and gabapentin at the same time. And I agree with him about browsing around the site -- maybe start with the ClusterBuster Files section. (If you're going to be using Trex, there's a tip on the second page of those Files about how to get 2 or even 3 injections from one injector. You can also get trex in vials, with syringes, and measure out your own dosage. 2 mg is enough for most people; 3mg is almost always plenty.) If you have a question about a specific thing, you can try typing it into the search bar, top right. Oxygen (which should be prescribed to you, but if you're in the VA system (I don't know how it works for active-duty spouses) might not be because the government doesn't recognize O2 as a CH treatment even though all the medical literature puts it at #1). There are other ways to get O2, but first ask for a prescription. Like Jon' says, do the D3 regimen. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 (It was invented by an ex-Navy guy.) Drink down a cold energy shot as soon as you feel an attack coming on. Many other things to consider, but those are all good places to start.
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    Clomephine Citrate to break a cycle?

    Clomephine Citrate has some nasty side effects. One of the most effective and safest methods of preventing CH involves taking the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 and the vitamin D3 cofactors. You can download a copy of this regimen and treatment protocol from the following VitaminDWiki link http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
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    With over 22 years of personal experience with CH and nearly 8 years working with the anti-inflammatory regimen and over 800 CHers taking it, I'm of the opinion that cluster headache is enabled by a vitamin D3 deficiency and that taking at least 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the cofactors is a very effective CH preventative. 80% of CHers who start the anti-inflammatory regimen experience >75% reduction in CH frequency in the first 30 days, some as soon as 12 hours. 50% of the CHers who start this regimen experience a complete cessation of CH symptoms in the first 30 days. The 20% who don't respond initially usually have another condition that prevents this regimen from working effectively. An allergy if the single largest culprit in this case. That takes a first-generation antihistamine like Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) at 25 mg every four hours and again at bed time to work effectively. One of the best methods of oxygen therapy as a CH abortive involves hyperventilating with room air at forced vital capacity tidal volumes for 30 seconds followed by inhaling a lungful of oxygen and holding it for 30 seconds then repeat the entire sequence until the CH pain is completely gone. The average is 7 complete cycles but it can go as high as 12 to 15 cycles at higher pain levels. As a lungful of oxygen averages 3 to 4 liters, the average CH abort with this method of oxygen therapy consumes 21 to 28 liters of oxygen. If you used a conventional oxygen regulator set at 15 liters/minute you'd consume roughly 250 to 300 liters of oxygen per CH abort. The breathing technique for this method of oxygen therapy involves standing with jaw dropped like saying the word "Haw." This gives the diaphragm full range of motion and free flow of air through the mouth and that enables better lung ventilation. Exhale rapidly until it feels like there's no breath left to exhale then do an abdominal crunch like doing situps and hold the crunch until the exhaled breath makes a wheezing sound for a second then inhale rapidly and repeat 10 times (roughly 30 seconds). On the 10th exhalation, hold the squeeze and abdominal crunch for 2 to 3 seconds. This will squeeze out an additional half to full liter of breath then inhale the oxygen fully. What this does is pump CO2 from your system faster than it's generated through normal metabolism. This elevates arterial pH and making it more alkaline as pushes your system into respiratory alkalosis. Remember the movie The Andromeda Strain? Increasing arterial pH also enables blood hemoglobin to attract and hold more oxygen molecules. The combination of elevated arterial pH, lower CO2 and hyperoxia helps abort the average cluster headache effectively and rapidly. Do you have a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol? If not, CHFather should be able to point out a copy here at Clusterbusters. You can also download a copy at VitaminDWiki at the following link: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
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    ++ to what Fun' says, particularly, in the short run, about the value of O2, and in the long run, about D3. Based on the study results, I'd definitely give Aimovig a shot. I had understood that it's pretty expensive. I'd say there are real concerns about the other things -- not that they might not help you, but that they have substantial side effects, including rebounds. Here's some info about ergotamine: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-6780/ergotamine-tartrate-sublingual/details If you take the verap, you might have to get up to pretty high doses, as much as 960mg/day, before it really helps. Here's a useful reference about meds: https://clusterbusters.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/GoadsbyClusterTreatment.pdf
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    Clomephine Citrate to break a cycle?

    My neurologist had pointed this out to me. He was attending the AHS conference this week and there was supposed to be a presentation on it. I am waiting to hear more from him.
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    Solstice greetings and CH thoughts

    Hello everyone, I didn't post here in a while, didn't visit the site nor board either, sorry, but I do think about my fellow clusterheads pretty much every day, I hope you are well and are able to remain pain free. It's almost three years now I didn't get to go through an attack, a real one, I was able to manage a few back into the box before they grew into an actual CH, but I do have to deal with CH pretty much every day. I guess I found a way to manage them. Just now on my way back from the store, I had to stop walking, put my bags down and... I dunno exactly what I do, but I seem to be able to push them aside as they are rising. I was very scared this time though, especially we are solstice day. I've been feeling this solstice coming for a while. This morning at 6:05 am, my dog was up and turning around, it woke me up. I said to her: Hey I took you out last night so I could sleep in, so go back to sleep. Later when I got up I realized it was exactly solstice at that moment. I guess she was feeling it too. I really feel I'm connected to the elements, like a plant. It's no point trying to fight it, better roll with the wave. The past 5 years have been rich in discoveries and knowledge gaining for me. As some of you may remember, I'm transsexual, male to female. I started to transition, taking estrogen and testosterone blockers, almost 3 years ago, actually right after my last cluster episode, the worst I went through and that literally killed me, well the one I was before anyways. I reported here that the theory saying clusterheads lack testosterone is verified as wrong in my case: my testosterone count has been at the lowest it can be, less than most cis women have, for more than a year now. I also reported here that progesterone could be a cure for CH and I was totally wrong on that case, although it could maybe help; I'm certain CH is linked to hormones, but not one single hormone... it's a matter of balance. Also no doubt that stress is a major factor in CH developing into an attack. Quit your job, retire, that's the best measure to keep CH away. Yeah, well, I know it's not possible for many, but please don't blame me to have grabbed the opportunity that was offered to me to be poor but be released from any stress of having anything to do. That was the major game changer in my life. My last episode of CH was so terrible... I think if I get another episode, it would be even worse for I never had before to deal so much with possible CH every day. It used to be that, between episodes, I would be much more free from the beast... I wouldn't dare drinking alcohol, I didn't for the past 2 years. So for me it's clear: if I go back to the work world, I will get CH back. I don't believe the situation would be better if I had not transitioned, if I had testosterone still, though I have no way to know for sure. The fact is I didn't get an episode since I switched my main hormone to estrogen. Also, if I look back, the trend has been an increase in CH in the past 15 years prior to my last episode, so I think my transition was more positive than negative, regarding CH. My quest has been, since 2012 that I joined this site, to find out what CH is, more than how to cure it, or sooth the pain. I shared before my thinking that CH is to be linked with autism, I still think that is a good track to follow. But having started an hormonotherapy to change my main hormone to estrogen, from testosterone, I did try to understand how these work the best I could. I studied how the sexual hormones are released, and it led me to the hypothalamus, and furthe upstream, I got to GNrH, which is released following a certain rythm, at a certain pace, and that pace isn't the same for women and for men. My best guess is that I always was a woman, that my GNrH is released at the pace of a female, since I am one, which was totally incompatible with the big flow of testosterone I received between age 15-18, and this big amount of testosterone culminated into my first CH at age 18. Now didn't many of us got their first CH at around that age? Yes. Guess why? Too much testosterone: unbalance, and incompatible with the pace of release of the GNrH. So that would make CH linked with also transsexualism. Yes, why not? Transsexualism is not a choice of life, it's real, it exists, I was transsexual at birth, following unusual flow of hormones at crucial weeks of my development in the womb. I think that this unusual distribution of hormones at crucial weeks in the womb result in things like transsexualism, autism and maybe many other issues. Also the fact that my parents were both older when I was conceived, my dad 44 and my mom 37, and uh... yeah, there is a higher risk of autism (older father), of trisomy 21 (older mother), and according to me transsexualism, and also trisomy of other chromosomes, including the 23rd, the sexual ones. There is a very high percentage of transsexuals who are in the autistic spectrum, like 30%. It's my case and is also that of the two other members of my close family who are clusterheads: they are in the autistic spectrum according to me but they would probably contest this. Autism is very largely under-diagnosed and has been forever. I think some 20% of the human population is in the spectrum, not 1 to 2% as they say, and I also think it's been the case forever, it's nothing new and I think (as most experts) we have not experienced any increase in autism cases, we simply know how to identify autism better. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that tells the glands to release or stop releasing hormones. The problem with CH could be the hypothalamus, but what goes wrong with it is that it doesn't send the right messages, then an unbalance in hormones is created. So maybe the prob is the hypothalamus, but maybe it's upstream, before the hypothalamus. The pre-hormone GNrH comes before the hypothalamus in the process, in my understanding of it anyways, so maybe the problem is there. Personnaly, I really feel that when I'm trying to, and suceeding at, controlling a rising CH, I'm actually realigning myself with the GNrH release pace, or re-synchronizing it. I don't know how to describe how I do, I stop everything, cut myself from the world and focus on myself and relax, and... when I found that GNrH is released with a pace, at a certain tempo, it was clear for me that this is what I do: re-synchronizing my pre-hormones release... I don't know. Maybe. I think this would all be worth searching, but I stopped searching myself. I'm satisfied with my findings. Also, when I forget a dose of Estrogel, I can feel my head going towards an unbalance. I don't have testosterone anymore so if my estrogen count goes low on any given day, I open a door, then too much sun, not enough eating, a too hot shower or bath, or alcohol, anything can trigger a CH since the door is open because of the unbalance in hormones I created. Or too much stress, simply, Or social stress. Autism is linked with social issues, so is CH. Feeling a CH rising, I must cut all social contacts rapidly. Rapidly, because it quickly feeds the rising CH. And I'm certain that non-verbal autistic individuals (those at the center of the autism spectrum) suffer from CH when they are in a crisis, they act the same as a CH sufferer. Same headbanging, rocking, same everything, socially as well. My new roommate came in with a good link to some very good acid, he gave me a few hits but I really fear taking it. I fear it will trigger a crisis, like it did last time, three years ago with MM. I feel I'm better off just surfing on avoiding anything that could trigger... I'd like to resume my studies of my brain, body, hormones and all that, but I have other things to do, writing novels. I inserted CH and the clusterbusters theory in my 2nd novel. I try to just enjoy things, I walk my dog, I talk to sparrows, ravens and squirrels, I enjoy the sun and get my skin darker. D. Summer solstice 2018 P.S. I'm posting this here in general to make it available to everyone, like maybe a random google search from someone searching the same issues I link to CH, if it's not right to post this here, I'm sure someone will move it to its right place au revoir :-)
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    Well Crap, They're Back

    As far as the O2 ad insurance go I have fought with just about every oxygen supply place in my county. I have found that with MY insurance company they charge you more for the monthly tank rentals and refills then paying on your own. I found a small medical supply store that would sell wheelchairs, walkers and things like that that would give me E tanks for 10 bucks each if I paid on my own but that guy was unreliable and about an hour drive to his place. I found a few places that flat out said no to cluster peopel and finally found on that will deliver to my house. I currently have 3 M60 tanks and 12 E tanks. The place I get refills from only knows about 2 M60's and 4 E tanks and will give me 3 refills a month on the M60 for 85 bucks and 15 each E tank, all paid without insurance. If I were to use inc it would cost over 300 for the same service. I just called and talked to the billing department and worked it all out. this is a larger company, part of QMES company that serves from New York to Virginia. I dont know what area you are located in but maybe they can give you a name of a place near you? Getting oxygen was one of the hardest things that I had to do so far dealing with clusters but by far the most rewarding as far as pain relief. I was taking 3 or 4 shots a day and eating pills like candy before and now I just down a 5hr drink and put the mask on. Dont get me wrong, I still get a good one about once a month that I want to put my head through a wall with but they are much more manageable now. In addition to the O2 I also do the D3 and bust with MM to help manage things. I have not yet found that sweet combination that gets me pain free for any length of time but everything does help a little and when it is all said and done... I am still here so something is helping. Here is the link to the supply company I use, Like I said I don't know if you are in the coverage area but maybe they can point you in the right direction. http://www.qmes.com/
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    Well Crap, They're Back

    Unless you're receiving insurance from a government agency (Medicare, VA, Medicaid), your insurance should cover it. As Jon' and 'Denny say, welding is a very viable alternative. You gotta have O2!! You ask about prescription meds, so starting there (nothing new that I know of) . . . Verapamil is commonly prescribed as a preventive. Short-acting (not timed-release) is better. Prescriptions can go up to 960 mg/day or sometimes more before they are effective; most doctors don't prescribe that. You should be monitored as you start it and as you ramp up. I'm always puzzled about Maxalt. Is it just in pill form? Pills usually don't work well, but you say the Maxalt is effective. Nasal spray and injections generally work more reliably and faster. Many people are convinced that triptans extend cycles and make attacks worse, so getting O2 and using energy shots and other abortive strategies is pretty important. Among other "home-remedy" abortives are sucking ice water through a straw so it's hitting the roof of your mouth (to cause "brain freeze"); deeply breathing very cold air from an air conditioner or freezer; and standing in a bathtub of very hot water. Here's a link to info about the D3: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 I'm gonna say that 90% of people who do the regimen correctly get some relief from it, and I'd say maybe two-thirds, or even more, get exceptional relief. It is not likely to help you right away, but the sooner you start it, the sooner it will help. There's also a thread here about vitamin B1 being very helpful: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5417-b1-oral-high-dose-thiamine/
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    Well Crap, They're Back

    There's always the welding O2 route. Others here can explain. I ran into the same problem with several insurance companies so I got to know the manager of the O2 shop and we worked out a deal for self pay (GOTTA have the script). A few yrs ago but was $14/e tank....a little more for M's. I bought the regulator, tank caddy, and NON REBREATHER (very important) mask online …. Have you read or tried the Vit D3 regimen...very successful for many.... Energy drinks with at least 100 mg caffeine and 1500 mg taurine at first sign of hit...drank COLD and fast was really helpful... My abort of last resort is Zomig Nasal spray (5 mg)…99% success rate....damn expensive tho...and it's usually a fight with insurance. Best Jon
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    You are in for the experience of a lifetime FunTimes! This will be my 4th conference....at my 1st in Portland (2010) there was around 35 of us....Las Vegas (2012), around 100....Austin (2016), well over 200!! Amazing experience to be around a whole raft of folks just like yourself who absolutely "get it"......freaking priceless!! DD
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    Denny is generally correct, but there are some studies that show that CH is sometimes responsive to indomethacin. Here's one abstract (below). So, it could be that since you seem to be someone who has been "refractory to the usual therapy for CH," your doc is giving you the indomethacin to see what happens. If it works, no matter what condition you have (CH or one of the lookalikes), you've learned something valuable. Note what's in the conclusion about time and dosage for CH patients. Indomethacin is hard on the gut for most people. It's often prescribed along with something protective. As I say, there are some other publications that also mention indomethacin sometimes working for CH. From: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0333102409357642?journalCode=cepa Introduction: Response to indomethacin is an essential feature for the diagnosis of both paroxysmal hemicrania (PH) and hemicrania continua (HC). Cluster headache (CH) is widely considered to be a disease unresponsive to indomethacin. Case reports: We report four patients with CH who responded to indomethacin. Two patients, who were refractory to the usual therapy for CH, fulfilled the criteria for chronic CH. Conversely, two patients had a history of episodic CH and showed response to both indomethacin and the usual therapy for CH. Literature review: We also reviewed the literature for the presence of indomethacin response in patients with CH. We noted a large number of cases labeled as CH by the authors which showed a response to indomethacin. Discussion: Many cases of definite or possible CH were wrongly labeled as PH because of patients' responding to indomethacin. Conclusion: The response to indomethacin in patients with CH may not be as immediate as in other indomethacin-responsive headaches, and many patients may need larger doses.