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  3. ...i am fluent in...............................smart-ass
  4. Hadn't realized until now that you spoke Shaun's dialect @jon019
  5. ...ok...up The Reds.....but i couldn't find you in the crowd...and bollocks to those Everton tossers... Liverpool chants: Lyrics & videos to the most popular Anfield songs | Goal.com US
  6. spiny


    Yea, be the BUG!! You need the info and it is their job to help in that arena. I'll provide a tiny push for you!!
  7. ShawnM


    Not yet, I sent some attack logs and other info in Friday to neuro, and hoping to hear back soon. I'd like to attempt to go back to work. I work a physically demanding job and would like to know if I'm at risk, my blood pressure has steadily been rising for a few years now and could be from the vessels being restricted in my head. Don't want to be a bug but might just have to.
  8. spiny


    Any word yet Shawn?
  9. Oh no Jono. You know I follow Liverpool fc !!!!!!
  10. .....yup....it took me a lotta yrs to figure out that: "relax and concentrate" was the only way i was gonna get through this CH sane. ya start by learning everything you possibly can (some of that from you ) which leads to the right attitude....... so that you can formulate a proper plan......with what you KNOW are the right tools. ...never had kids, but had a buncha lady techs work for me, every one of them repeated back to me at some point: "sign your damn work!". made my fricken day. different road to accountability, not as good as yours, but no made up stuff or useless crud on my desk. amazing how ownership of something engenders responsibility.....
  11. John, we all know that tension is limiting and therefore a bad thing in any fight!!! You know, can you actually throw that punch when you are tense? Nope. Tension holds you back. Relax and punch from your foot, with all your might and controlled focus- like a bolt of lightning is coming up through you from the ground. Yogi was right!! And 'trust, but verify' is always good advice! My kids grew up with 'Quote your source!' to keep garbage out of the conversation and prevent made-up stuff inhabiting my house and car. They still use it today, which makes me feel that I got some things right along that long road.
  12. Back at ya! I tried to swing back to topic! Looking forward to the next update on your girls amazing recovery and can't wait for the "she's home" post!
  13. ...threadjack?,ok..... up Arsenal.....go The Gunners!!
  14. @BoscoPikoit's ok @spinystole my other thread about my CH , I'm getting used to it Only joking @BoscoPikoMuch love
  15. This encapsulation ^^^^ should be enshrined as a motto, or maybe as part of a cluster busting oath. Let us raise our right hands. ...spiny this is all time classic....i almost fell out of my chair!!!....been my goal for 40 years but didn't know how to say it. relax and CH at the same time? no way?...YES, way! ...like Yogi said..."in order to hit you have to relax and concentrate" or Reagan..."trust but verify".....
  16. He is beautiful @spiny! I would love to see a few more picks of him!
  17. He is rotten and I am loving every minute of it!!! I did get lucky on the pic, that is no lie. At that age, kittens are sleeping or running!!
  18. Wow what a beauty of a Russian Blue, and what a once in a lifetime pose for that photo. Across the mountain it was proclaimed: "The Cluster Bunny is dead, long live the King (Anatoly)!"
  19. Jeebs, that is indeed my new baby!!! Meet Anatoly, 5 months old and helping me celebrate the recent death of our least favorite companion! He is the Russian Blue that I have wanted for 30 years! He is just now getting the 'shimmer' in his fur with his adult coat coming in a bit.
  20. "Thunder Eggs". Ooh that is good @BoscoPiko - you know I'm going to be using that now.
  21. Plus @spiny, if this new-ish profile pic is of one of your actual family cats, you are really soaring to new heights of awesomeness.
  22. Yep.. Good advice as always. Strange little bugger the cluster bunny is.. Guess he just doesn't care that no one wants thunder eggs in the winter... or summer for that matter
  23. This encapsulation ^^^^ should be enshrined as a motto, or maybe as part of a cluster busting oath. Let us raise our right hands.
  24. Bosco, just keep doing what you have been doing the last several months: D3 and seeds. I do the D3 year round, you know, just in case. I had my FIRST EVER summer cycle this year. I got it 'ended' on my normal start cycle day!!! So, after a pretty 'perfect' start for years - September 22nd - I no longer have a road sign to pass every year and recognise as 'Hey, you prepared!!' so things will be fine. I am in uncharted territory! So, I have a very 'fresh' reminder of what it feels like to feel a bit lost in the mess. And the 'plan' is to keep on keeping on. In my world, you can relax, if you are vigilant!!! If I missed my afternoon caffeine or bedtime D, I will get hit and reminded not to be forgetful!!! Live and learn.
  25. Jeesh.. All this fun to look forward to LOL.. For now I'm just gonna count my blessings and be grateful that I get any breaks at all .
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