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  2. A rattler in the greenhouse!!?? Now THAT is one decidedly unwelcome visitor - wow, what a way to turn those good vibes bad in a jiffy. They'll be all the way back to good toot sweet though.
  3. No you are rt. I need to.. just long days of late .. no excuse.. I'm soaking some now. Found a rattlesnake in my greenhouse and it got me all up in arms and I suppose I forgot to put my health first
  4. Thanks Jeeb I don't really know as of yet what's really going on. it's late for me and I'm up with a stomach ache..
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  6. Hi all, Hope everyone is in the best of health. I am now 3 months into current my cycle. I am currently on verapamil 120-120-120. My symptoms (both attack and shadows) are well controlled on this regimen for the past 2 weeks, as long as i follow a strict sleep schedule. I am a physician and keeping the same sleep schedule is sometimes not possible as our shifts keep changing. But i really want to taper and stop verapamil as we are planning to have a baby soon and i am really afraid that verapamil is making me chronic as my usual cycle lasted for 4-6 weeks only. Please, advise if its the right time to taper it or and if so, how to do it. I have started vitd3 regimen a week ago. Thanks in advance
  7. Any reason not to take some seeds right now, preventively?
  8. Ugh, yep that makes sense. Here's hoping this Full Monty kicks in right away! Just as the beast will surprise us by slamming us with a cycle right when we least expect it, I like to think sometimes we can get surprised by not having one kick up when we do expect it. Seriously hoping that for you @BoscoPiko!
  9. Well I'm gonna assume he meant exactly what was said and up everything this evening as I'm not feeling so good. So fingers crossed! No CH as of yet but have that somewhat inate "here it comes feeling" accompanied by non normal shadows if that makes any sense at all...
  10. Well I'm gonna assume he meant exactly what was said and up everything this evening as I'm not feeling so good. So fingers crossed! No CH as of yet but have that somewhat inate "here it comes feeling" accompanied by non normal shadows if that makes any sense at all...
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  12. I just want to make sure that I am reading this correct.. So 3,000 milligrams (grams to milligrams) a day of the above? If so I need to make some adjustments also can these all be taken in one single evening dose or do they need to be spread out? Anyone have any insight?
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  14. 100% agree with this as I have had to change techniques multiple times to reach a successful abort. Sometime the breathing technique that worked the last time wont work the next so on and so forth.
  15. .....ummmm....yeah.... ...ummm....yeah ^^^^^^^^ .....out of hundreds of cycles when ECH, there were a handful of the "one hour wakies" type for me (handled differently, see prev "wake up"posts). no changes in nothing before or after. while there are always tweaks you can make to O2 usage, i know i never varied far enough to prevent oxygen from being its typical sanity/life saver. something else happened (physiological?) ....and just like ALL our other tools "sometimes", for some, it just stops working/works differently....hopefully only for a while. ....O2 never has been, don't see how it would ever be, anything but a most effective abortive (don't forget the caffeine/taurine). it is transitory, not a prevent, not a trigger..... ....as an ultimate believer in O2 i must add: before any clusterhead gives up on O2, they would be WELL served to insure: a non rebreather mask, lpm 12-15+, and a practiced breathing technique(slow breathe, breathe/hold, hyperventilation, combo).....
  16. I had already piped in closer to the inception of this thread, but here I go piping away again. I semi-agree with this: ......in that in high cycle, there are those of us who will be awakened hourly with yet another attack, following our O2 aborts. That's a lotta attacks, and since I've aged into the 3 hour long attacks (when not aborted), it is a greater quantity of attacks than would have been possible without the O2 aborts. Still, I think of these hourly attacks following O2 aborts as being more like re-aborts of the same single attack that keeps just wanting to come back and break through. And the question can come up regarding whether O2 technique/set up/adjuncts could be that much more optimized for longer lasting aborts.
  17. For me it has to be loud. Unexpected noises effect me more than noise in general when having an attack. Lately I've been going to Jinjer.
  18. Pretty sure most folks here would disagree with that.
  19. ...first drug ever prescribed for me for me way back in '85 (seem to recall 40 mg?)....after doc scurried back to office to look up migraine. boy was i motivated for it to work, and took for at least a year. did squat all for CH (positive OR negative), had minimal effect on BP, but produced some truly bizarre dreams.....not frightening just strange. so, in my case, psychoactive properties but anxiety was not on my radar at the time so did not notice either way. haven't seen this as a current use...10 mg sounds too low to effect BP, which some ascribe lowering of to be "calming", seems pretty safe to try and see....
  20. Haz', I remember you well, and I'm so glad for your long remission! You worked hard for that. In general, people here have reported a wide range of results from propranolol (Inderal), which was actually prescribed for CH way back when and still is sometimes these days (it seems to help prevent migraines), from seeming to reduce their attacks to having no effect to seeming to make them worse. I think only one person thought it made them worse. You can see what people have said by putting propranolol into the search box at the top right of each page (if you're going to do this, do Inderal, too). It seems highly unlikely to me that it would set off a cycle.
  21. Hi @HazBaz I was actually prescribed propranolol once as a treatment for the cluster headaches by a neuro - I'm guessing since it's a beta blocker. Didn't work to prevent, but lowered my BP a lot so stopped. Don't recall it making the attacks any worse though, so possibly no effect on starting the cycle. However, I understand your fear so probably worth waiting till you get any more informed inputs.
  22. Not trying to be flippant all, but it is funny to see the doctors react to a hit right in front of them. Evidently Shaun's doc had seen one before! I know of some You Tube videos that would help them!
  23. Hi all, Been a long time. I am currently 4 years in to a cluster free period! My longest in 12 years. Last episode was in 2018. Touch the woodiest wood that ever did wood. Been struggling with my mental health though. And the doc has suggested propranolol for anxiety. My question is, will the sporadic dosing of 10mg of propranolol only when needed, possibly trigger off my CH? Any word on this? Thanks.
  24. I had 1 attack in front of my new Neuro,and all he did was ask me to remove my mask as im trying to abort it with o2,so I could answer his questions.
  25. That has happened to me twice. Both times i had to fight the doc and the nurse to up the o2 flow to 12 because "protocol says 8l/m" is enough. i was screaming in pain and they were watching me like scared deer watching headlights. it was funny, really.
  26. I had a headache specialist neuro who himself was diagnosed with CH from 2015-2020 but he died from the pandemic. It was the high flow oxygen. I am trying to wean myself off relying on energy drinks because of my kidneys. Yes I know its give and take. The best thing I've found is massive B vitamin energy drinks. I mean other than cocaine.
  27. LOL. I'm not even sure how I did it? Thank you Jeeb.
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