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  2. So would you guys recommend doing the FMLA paperwork and requesting accommodations through FMLA over doing the ADA process? Is one easier to get than the other? I'm trying to seek accommodations for cluster headaches to work from home.
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  4. Seems like your moving in the rite direction. I would spend some time reading up on the oxygen. I know I need to change my technique from time to time to have it work better for me. I will also down a 5hr energy drink at the start of it to help give it a kick start. I do this any time of day or night, it does not keep me awake for them 3am hits. You will also want to stay on the O2 for a few minutes after the cluster goes away. As far as getting your tanks, you will need to call around and fight for what you want. Don't worry aboutt he regulator they give you because its not going to be what y
  5. I called and asked and seemingly clueless as she said mg/ml but as she prescribes me the vitamin d in medical oil grade D-Cura 25.000ie ampules she won't prescribe me any more until I get it lowered. A huge spanner has been thrown in the works though, I am just home from the hospital where I spent 6 days. I have never had gallbladder problems in my life but it seems it had gone necrotic and had to have it removed in an emergency, I had a huge infection inside so had to stay in hospital. So besides being off the regimen now for 10 days plus (I stopped taking them as I felt ill 4 days
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  7. Thanks so much. A few questions: Looks like the shipment of Methyl Folate+ and the Multivitamin are being delayed. Should I find alternatives before beginning? If so, what would you recommend? If I was unable to get labs prior to beginning, would you still recommend the 140,000 IU/day load?
  8. Hey Dagobah, You've got the supplements and basic lab test schedule spot on. Kat is spot on about doubling the magnesium dose while loading to at least 800 mg/day. We're finding faster responses and a higher level of efficacy if CHers load vitamin D3 with 100,000 IU/day (two of the Bio-Tech D3-50 50,000 IU water soluble vitamin D3 capsules) plus 0.5 cc/day of the Micro D3 for a total loading dose of 140,000 IU/day. We've also found that staying at this loading dose until CH pain free for at least two full days before starting a taper down to an initial maintenance dose of 100,000 I
  9. Me, too. Been dealing with this for 30 years. Luckily my cycles are only every few years, but it's still hell. Hoping this helps.
  10. Ah thanks! I must have missed that. I'll update the original post to reflect that (for myself and others).
  11. I hope that you find the relief that many of us have found with this regimen!!
  12. Let us know Kat! MSG is a problem for some.
  13. To me, it sounds like you are getting shadows from the booze. And just shadows! If it were me, I would think that the busts had worked, but my biggest trigger was still active. And to me, it sounds like your busts are keeping you out of hell right now, but another one or two may be needed to be able to drink. If it is the 'normal' time for your cycle, then upping your D3 is a very good idea. A bit of a buffer is great way to go! Sorry that you got the 'news' on aging out, but happy that you are getting relief!!
  14. Hey! You actually need 2 magnesium’s per day during the loading stage to absorb the vitamin D. Take one in the morning with food and one at night with food. If not you might get diarrhea. kat
  15. For me the "migration" period lasted over 6 months, pain did not follow any schedule like CH should and was more constant (lasting whole day) than attack-like. Slowly it formed into a new kind of CH on my right side. Kind of reminded me how this was 30 years ago when it began. It's creepy and spooky, I wish the damn thing would return home. I too had dizziness, nausea, sweating - things that I never have with CH. It really feels like it is trying to break through something. I wish whatever it is it will pass soon for you !
  16. I also feel like so much information out there about CH is wrong and leads to a misdiagnosis. It could very well be CH changing sides, but God forbid you mention this to a neurologist because “textsbook CH never change sides”
  17. @Tony Only hey! Yeah it was around 4 hours and I still have a dull pain behind both eyes at the moment. Feels more like a shadow. I’ve never felt a throb like this. And it was coming in waves for 4 hours. I guess I’ll find out if it’s CH if I get it again at 8:30 tonight. I’m hoping it was just the soy sauce that I ate. I’m not sure. I felt dizzy and out of it at the time. Almost like my vision got a little blurry. I also slept until 11:30 today which I never do. I just felt “out of it”. It was odd
  18. Hi , @kat_92 is 8:30 p.m. so did your headache last around 4 and half hours ? I hope it's not a sideswitch. I recently asked about this on Facebook since so many fellow patients in Finland have had their CH change side this year or last year (and me too). I have had CH for almost 30 years always on the left but around a year ago the Beast moved permanently to the right (gave first signs in 2019). I thought it was some kind of breakthrough attempt since I have pretty heavy duty treatments. It sure was weird having everything else move to the new side too, including muscle problems whi
  19. In the middle of a cluster cycle, going to try the D3 Regimen. Wanting to make sure I have things straight by combining the updates I've read on here from Batch plus the original instructions. Can someone check my homework here? Products: Nutrasal Micro D3 - High Concentrate Vitamin D3 Bio-Tech - D3-50 50,000 IU, 100 Capsules Nature Made Extra-Strength Magnesium 400 mg Kirkland Signature Mature Adult Multi Vitamin Tablets Nature Made Burp-Less Fish Oil 1200 mg One Elevated Methyl Folate+ Life Ext
  20. hello everyone, i have not posted in a while. i am an episodic cluster suffer and usually get a 6 month cycle every 3-4 years (i am 60) and have been getting them since i was 30 (i should note i am on the D3 regiment for years and i have upped the D3 over the last month). my last cycle 4 years ago was probably the worst one ever and i tried everything from ketamine treatments, ocular nerve blocks, iv drips in the doctor's office and finally busting which i believe helped to break it (along with getting off immitrex and using redbull and oxygen more aggressively) after a long 6 months (an
  21. Hey everyone, last night I had the weirdest headache I’ve had thus far in this horrid journey. For 2 years now my shadows/ CH have been on my left side. Never on the right. I’ll get a tension headache on the right but never a CH. I went out for sushi last night and at 8:30 I got a throbbing pain that was 8/10 directly behind my right eye and my right temple. It lasted from 8:30 til 1 am when I eventually fell asleep. It would throb for about 30 seconds, go away for 2-5 min, and come back and throb again. It was soooo strange. I don’t think it was a Ch, maybe a horrible migraine? I had no
  22. Don't short yourself! You know a ton about CH, if that is what you are referring to. I too read 'stuff' and tend to take it at face value. I suppose that is because we have to trust the 'experts' to some degree because, well, they are the experts! Unless it is important to me personally, then I research a lot of papers. You do the same likely. Then you spot the misses and inaccuracy of many of the papers out there!!! The more you know, the more you see that they don't know. I agree. He left out a lot! He had not experienced it likely, nor researched it. It seems mostly that he was r
  23. 12 days of loading and you were up to 112ng/ml. So, at that point you could reduce it to 10,000/day for maintenance. You would not continue at the 50k/day dose. Were you taking the Benadryl with it? That can make a big difference for some. Intestinal distress would drive me to drop them too!!!
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  25. Thanks Spiny. Yes I was taking all of the co-factors that Batch requested, my countertop looked just like the picture! For those keeping track of the vitamin D regimen, my results after 12 days brought me to 112 ng/mL and my calcium to 9.9mg/dL. I do not know what my starting point was before loading up on Vitamin D, all I have to offer is a 2018 blood test (when I was not having a cluster), where my vitamin D was 32 ng/mL and my calcium was 9.7mg/dL I also started to have some moderate nausea and diarrhea on that 12th day. It could be purely coincidence but it was far from on my head
  26. I'm sorry I can't be of help in what you asked but wanted to comment on 5 day microdosing; surprisingly it's been effective for many people I know lately. Have you tried doing the Batch regimen in it's entity ?
  27. I have only watched it halfway through but am already thinking how can psychedelics treat so efficiently this possible autoimmune and genetropic disorder and where can we find someone to explain that as well as Batch explains Vitamin D3 anti-inflammatory regimen here Great video and so needed - I truly hope every Horton patient in Finland watches this AND people treating them.
  28. Thanks Denny!! I will have to watch the remainder later, but what I have seen is terrific! Thanks to Craig and Batch!!! We needed this.
  29. G'mornin ya'll! A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting and mentoring a fellow clusterhead from New Zealand on Facebook. Along with embracing busting as a treatment for his headaches, Craig became interested in Batch's D3 regimen....really interested!! So, he has teamed up with Pete and began working on an animated production explaining the regimen....this morning he posted this video on his YouTube channel along with our beloved Batch!!
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