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  2. Eell. Yes, i believe u still can look at them snd see the nail tip goes strsit across.. or else it curves down the sides. I sometimes bite mine too. But? ..... Shaun? I guess u r just extra special
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  4. Trouble with that sue is I bite my nails so I can't really tell
  5. Got to be fair a lot of CCH say they prefer to know when they are gonna get the attacks instead of the unproductive side of ECH but I can't imagine getting hit every day . I do look forward to my CH free time
  6. I used to implement useless adds that didn't seem to be effective for my business, luckily using a/a test technique may bring certain results without a lot of expenses. For instance you can compare by reading a guide https://splitmetrics.com/blog/guide-to-a-a-testing/ to make everything clearer whether it is worth or not trying out
  7. ....it wasn't a choice, but you make a good point about predictability....and overall i "preferred" that part of ECH to CCH. always interesting to hear other clusterheads opinion on THAT discussion. have gone back and forth myself about which is "betta"...horrific but predictable Episodic or lesser but erratic Chronic.... ...really it's just the same beast in different guise. ya gotta adapt and adjust the strategies learned and the tools collected...
  8. Shaun, cast iron and list. Theres a quick way to check ur thyroid. Look at ur fingernails. I believe this would be more applicable to chronics.. but if ur body is hypothroid? Ur nail tips will tend to go straight across. If u r hyperthyroid? The nail ought to be curved down into the sudes of the tip. Wont matrer much how u file them. This dx is pretty true. The pre med books all turn back to the statement that the end result of successful thyroid supplementation is indicated by the effect it has on peripheral tissues. Short n sweet - if ur bodys hypothy? Nail tops straight across. If hyperthy? Nails will curve at tips. Changes show up in just a few dsys. Look now at ur nails - lemme me kno this may be helpful to chas w weight losses. Not a doc, cant dx or tx. Just a tip i was told abt by a doc. fyi? The man who devised the tsh test? stated it should never be used to quantify doseage of thy meds. He eschewed using tsh test for standardizing therapeutic dose amounts. He thot if.if. doc thot patient might have thy issues? Tsh test wld give evidence to doc his dx was on correct path. He believed strongly that the patient should be tx on basis of signs & sx, *NOT* by tsh test. Nurses study (long term) showed preference for higher dose than tsh indicated and nurses were allowed higher doses. There were no adverse issues w higher amounts used by nurses.
  9. Melanin is color component. Melatonin is hormone in body and can be activated by light coming in thru eyes. Amount of melanin doesn't seem to matter re: chas. I dont think amount of light matters either. We all went a bit sideways w terminology. And there have been instances - nope dont have reference, do u?- Where epigenetics played a role in inherited eye color that did not conform to strict Mendelian genetic rules. Does anyone know of a person? I'll take one,... of golden colored eyes in combination w chas?
  10. Yes, ty. Confirmed info as opposed to assumptions. U kno....? Thats a whole lotta b.s. wordage. And ppl get paid big $$$$$ for that?? Mmmm.
  11. It's sx and dx of chas to analyze. is it just indicative of ur busy mind? OCD that gets turned on w chas? Why - how- i might think wld be more pertinent questions. Spread sheets. Aps in detail. Elists to analyze. Does it get us anywhere? Anyone else notice as ur chas recedes? So does the proclivity to engage in detail record keeping? I go away? And give myself a vaca from keeping track. U kno what? it works.
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  13. 1. I wonder if this is fluctuations of thyroid. I used thy t3 for 10 yrs to halt the chas dead when they'd try to start up. And cgrp works off thyroid also. Curious? - Have u tried that? 2. Fluorescent lighting is problematic for many chas. Spiny & pink lensed glasses. Theyd give me a ha in a store. This is related, heavily, to the autoimmune fms info. 3. Mucous and pain, vomiting and choking on phlegm. This, i wld betcha dimes to dollars, is what was referenced abt ghycosphate(?) or roundup, and glycine. It sounds like IgE rxn that happens when immune cells cause atrack on abdominal area. So. R u celiac sensitive? Do u note commonality between eating breads? McDonald's hamburger buns and attacks? Because boy- i sure did? Id eat McDonald's h buns? And on wld come that allergic IgE vomit w phlegm and u choke on it.. and it keeps coming....? I thot i just had a rxn to just mcdonalds breads. But it'll pop up for me, sometimes, w other bread carb products. I feel that itchy tingling and I'll immediately spit out and not eat it. Thats why it makes sense to me the whole benedryl topic to tx a chas and in fact the whole syndrome deal... it aint just a headache. Exposure to roundup? Walk across a nice green lawn? Let dogs run in dog park w big green area? No pricker stickers? Prolly roundup exposure... proly IgE rxns coming down the line towards u.... and ur dogs. Esp at risk r breeds like goldens, genetically at risk just by being goldens. #4. Extreme cravings come n go? May be - IgE rxn? Or else its thyroid falling fast and body craving energy to keep it going? Tome to pay attention to cravings. When do they come in relation to - anything. Green lawns? Fast food? Sleep? Laundry detergent? Gottabtry to suss out what its reaction to. - to save urself. See?
  14. I am postulating a theory here. What happens when cha hits? 1. Endocrine system tanks. 2. Blood sugar levels tank. 3. Thyroid tanks. 4. Blood Pressure escalates fast. 6. Pain goes up fast. For many of us? It happens at varying degrees of speed . So... u may notice the feelings of hunger or (suicidal) depression first. Thats ur thyroid signaling for help. For me? It happens as fast as flicking on the light switch. Sometimes i get the knife sharp flickers of head-grabbing pain first. It used to just be everything all at once for me. Its slowing waaaay down now. The weight loss? I would wonder if u r not swinging into more hyperthyroid times... does the insomnia kind of correlate thru w the weight loss? Times u dont want to eat? R those also times where sleep is more squewed also? If u were to actually go super hard hyperthyroid? That wld indicate severe food cravings - body compensates running so hot w demand for a LOT of extra food. Fat craving? Follows same line of thot. Protein + fat = carbs (how body makes carbs. Example of ketogenic diet). I can't explain the liquid cravings. Sometimes i want to guzzle a lot of water. Other times i don't. Why? Dunno... part of what helped me to try "slammin" a rb or monster? Is that at times? I wld guzzle, or slam, if u will, 4 cans of wildcherrypepsi. Same amt caffeine. Wonder if it's the bodys way of changing pH levels?? The odd way of breathing? Leaning forward and grunting out air? IT *IS* sx of odd blood pH levels and a way to manipulate ur blood pH levels towards normal. The theory of intaking a lot of water? That'd also change ur body's pH. So maybe blood pH enters into the equation - i wld give credence to that thought/theory. The body wants to maintain homeostasis and a lot of it's energy goes into keeping everything within certain acceptable limits. Eat and drink what u r craving. Ur body is trying to tell u, to help u.
  15. I gurn loads just before an attack the missus notices and always will say that she knows a good 15 mins b4 I get hit. I can't really afford to lose the weight as I'm stick thin as it is . I've never been above 154 pound . After my most recent cycle I dropped to 112 pounds.
  16. Funny you should say that, CCH has kind of forced me into intermittant fasting and with far far less junk from takeout, over the last 2 years have dropped 130 pounds, while it is good, it went from about 400 to 270, the way it happened is not exactly ideal. Fluorescent light is hell for me. 8-9-10 with the eye running and mucous and pain, I tend to cough on the phlegm, spiking the head, causing dry heaves until it keeps cycling and I vomit. Edit: Pro tip, grinning helps suppress the gag reflex, so I look like a grinning thrashing moaning madman during the bad ones... I do get the same extreme cravings just to eat, like ravenous hunger, then it is gone. Could be the body gearing up. I am sure we burn more calories during an attack. In any case that is my ramble
  17. Strange I lose so much weight when in cycle as I don't feel like eating plus I vomit really bad if I get hit with Kipp 9 or 10s , but I am really thirsty after an attack
  18. There are two different versions, prednisone and prednisolone. the first is metabolised in the liver to prednisolone. Have taken it multiple times during my cycles but has had not the anticipated effect on me, that is breaking the cycle. With me it only stabilised the number of attacks on a lower number...4 instead of 7 or more when I took it in the high dose period. During the tapering of the number of attacks rose again. However, other people do have the positive results of prednisolone. Pls note that taking predni increases your appetite hugely, so you might gain some weight.
  19. Full blown chronic here too with grey/green eyes. Grey predominantly in winter, green is summer. Some say that the amount of summer light changes the colour. Pupil on the CH side is constricted, but unlike Devonrex very light sensitive before an attack, can really be painful to look into light...especially bright white light, guess it's the blue light for me. But can look into the sun, odd. Also half an hour before an attack become very hungry...graving for fat food...high energy stuff...guess body is anticipating on the energy drain during an attack...afterwards very thirsty.
  20. To me? Juss defined how i experience it.. sigh ~~ he said he talks in tongues. LoL but I'm afraid i do also. Hyper & w strong urge to talk abt it & talkin in tongues LoL... but during chas- so, I'm a wee bit hard to take Thank you - to everyone here .
  21. A very few uf u kno that ive been going thru some rough times - on top of these chas. I saw doc thursdsy, and theyd snuck in a pysch person as an 'intern'... I happened to explain being extremely hypothyroid and un.tx. Bs levels tank when asleep n last thing ur body does is shoot out adrenaline so u don't die. I used to awake as id be scratching to get thru the walls. Taking thy t3 at nite stopped it. Eventually t3 + armour got me going. Then i mentioned clusterbusters - and? Wallah! The intern *knew* abt chas!!! And the nurse had heard of microdosing!! U cldve knocked me over w a feather. Ive been in a fight to keep my home, the sheriff is a constitutional sheriff? And so he'd seal alll his arrests so he cld seize properties.... i was forced to sign a blank resttraining order.... w a solid leo background? Having these shaky, at best, court things against me? Was stressful.... i was bring forced out of a doctor.'s care.. i mean most any n all doctor's care.... to travel over 120.miles to see a doc... facing losing my home, and a sheriff who things he is - i kid u not- a king who runs soc services and everything... if u dont like it? He'll bend the law and arrest u -:indefinite stay in jail is 1 luxury he imposed. The judge retired when i started bitching abt ex parte communications. The pub def got jetked out. Then 3 days after my court? The sheriff put in his retirement notice (nov 2022). Pub def #2 - i found his obit online. He died of brn cancer 2020. He grew up mesa cnty where sheriff n his buddies grew up. Is my pub def #2 dead? Its like a bad lawyer joke - but rather off color. I dont know...., but everything else @ heres gotten very rotten. Jurys out on #2. Judge #2 seems like a rather nice passive female. Quiet, didnt answer my objection to blank r.o. and didnt answer when i told her I'd fired #2 and needed a lnew awyers advice. TY for clustetbusters. And TY for "microdosing"... as i said? Then met another nurse there suffered w chas also. It was a surprise that 2 ppl were undetstanding of chas. In a sea of ignorance? U find 2 knowledgeable then a 3rd who also suffers? It takes awhile to have it hit home. Thank you to everyone for the bits and peices, large and small, that u bring here? And that u take out into the world. Thank you.
  22. Cld u contact a disneyworld employee now? And have them ask around to e.r.'s and friends and other ppl for u? I wld think that might be a jumping off point - to guide u some. Im sorry - im far far away in another galaxy best of luck-
  23. I enjoy orgasm and being submissive in order to cast out my temporal attack of cluster .
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