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  2. how are you using o2? what is your system (do you have tanks, do you have a regulator that goes up to at least 25 lpm, do you have a nonrebreather mask (a mask with a bag attached to it)? do you take some kind of caffeine when you start?
  3. i think it works okay for some people (based on reports here), and for some it seems to have some effect as a preventive. not as good as oxygen for stopping an attack; not as good as many things as a preventive. not sure what your question is about the recharge. it won't work unless you recharge it. I had understood it was every month, and it was something like $600/month. Maybe that has all changed.
  4. About D3: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/
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  6. Yes I mean all the co-factors listed in Batches @xxxD3 regimen (D3,fish oil, magnesium, multi vitamin, super k) I think that's the basic co-factors but I always seem to leave one or two out. The detailed regimen can be found using the search bar at the top of the forum page. There are many underlying issues that can cause urticaria but CH and or vitamin intake is not one of them that I am aware of (sorry your dealing with that and roids) both seem very un-fun. Do you ride by chance? Motorcycles even extended horseback riding can cause them as well as straining on the porcelain throne (hemorrhoid's). I have a friend that participates in the Tevis Cup (long endurance ride) and he has to use a cushion on his saddle to help prevent a flair up. Any how Batches' D3 protocol is very highly recommended on her by many (myself included). The regimen takes time to build in your system so be willing to keep at it. Hopefully you have oxygen to hold you over until it can start working for you. Lastly, do consider reading the blue banner at the top of each forum page (New users please read here first). I am assuming that you already have by your "Advanced" status but ya never know. Hope this help!
  7. you mean D, Omega and other vitamins regime ? I try it 10 years ago did not work with me. 6 month now I have urticaria then I got hemorrhoids then for two months now I got the cycle back after it stopped for 3 years but at very high level of pain.
  8. Are you not taking any vitamin D?? If the answer is no then absolutely you need to be taking D. If yes, how much and are you taking all suggested co-factors?
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  10. I forgot and took vitamin B12 it make my CH pain reach level 10 that I wanted to kill myself to stop the pain. Most of my cycles come in winter so is it because not enough sun ? should I take vitamin D ?
  11. what are your experience with gamma core ? is it really working ? also the company want me to buy a recharge card every 93 days to refill the device dont know why
  12. I found that on my extreme attacks O2 does not work , it make the pain happen faster
  13. chh

    Gamma to donate

    gamma core is it working ? they require recharge with card every 93 days
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  15. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with co-existing Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania (CPH) and migraine. It sounds like it can be difficult to distinguish between the two and manage the symptoms. It's important to work closely with a healthcare professional to find the best treatment plan for your individual needs. Please keep in mind that everyone's experience is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. Take care of yourself and stay postive
  16. Yep and I was too! Currently, not so much Shaun. I could stop taking one pill and drop 20 pounds in a few weeks. But it is the one keeping me going, so I'll deal with the chub for now. LOL!
  17. @spinySee I was right when I mistakenly called you skinny a while ago !!!
  18. Thanks Shaun! We sure hope she gets better sooner than later..
  19. I started with an air mattress but Bosco decided to sharpen his nails on it Abby has gotten supper crowdy since being hurt so if we are on it, she wants on it and would try and jump which is a no no after this recent surgery. They say the recovery period is around 8-weeks.. They did detect cushing's disease in her blood work which is most likely the cause of the tendon giving way. We had to do a imprint cast of her leg and send it in for an orthotic boot that she will need to wear for up to a year.. Here is what it looks like:
  20. We have the 2 little s--tbags sleeping with us at night . It's a fight every night for every inch of the bed
  21. See told you @BoscoPiko She looks great and with your tender love and care , I'm sure she will be up and about in no time
  22. Boy, a 3' dog can take up 6' feet without even stretching!! And they do claim the whole bed too by going sideways! Hubby's dog used to holler to go out in the snow to pee at night. He would get up, open the door, walk across the porch to open that door and find the dog gone! Back in his bed, in the middle and growling when he tried to get back in it himself!! At was a game to the dog. It was worse if he actually went out, because he did the same thing, but with snowy feet and tummy. Nice cold wet bed then! Buy an air mattress maybe? Those rocks are miserable!! How long will this need to continue?
  23. Hey @spiny, yes the harness is a huge help! You know it! That girl wont budge and sleeps sideways Oh how I wish it was a real bed... We are currently sleeping in the dining room on a bunch of mattress toppers Our house was built in the 80's when it was cool to have a drop down into the living room which is a no-go at the moment for Abby. I feel like I just spent the night camping in a poorly scouted spot atop a bunch of rocks!
  24. The lift-assist harness is awesome!! Twenty years ago, we used a log carrier under a pup to help my neighbor with their dog post hip surgery. That lovely corset would have been a huge help! She looks pretty bright eyed and bushy tailed Bosco! That is wonderful. May this operation bring Abby many years of pain free running for joy! Did she hog the bed all night? It looks like she intends to keep it to herself here!!!
  25. ...home again home again jiggedy jig!!!! ....i'm jelly of the "handles"....could use those myself.....
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