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  2. Oh I was so happy to see mail today on this post. I did not save mail on previous posts and then could not figure out how to get back to this page. I am considering maybe my headaches might be Hemicrania continua. Sounds alot like it. And yet no. I am confused. I do, as previously mentioned, keep a pain diary. I am wondering about how you all take meds. Do you take them regularily or just when headache appear? The Vit D 3. Again daily or when in a headache? My D3 is 1,000 IU's. Do I take 10 of them or do they make D 3 in larger IU's. I have an apt with my Primary on the 30th. I am going to discuss with her the things I've learned here in these postings. I am looking for a med that will stop the headache whenit starts. I do not particularily want to be on a 24/7 med unless I have to to prevent them. I have had 3 week headaches for Oct, Nov, and Dec. Which is unusual for me. I don't usually get them that close together. Or as severe as they were. Which is why I'm looking for help. I do not like where this is heading. My primary did consult with the neurologist in Pittsburgh and they recommended Depokote. I was on Depokote years ago for bi polar. I do not want to take it again. But if I can find an ans I will do what I have to to prevent them from happening. Thanks everyone for your responses. I have learned alot so far.
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  4. I think the confusion arises from two things - firstly, I had definite bouts of ECH for at least a decade. Secondly, I have pain-free periods, albeit fairly short and infrequent. The other problem is that I have acid reflux so they will need to do an injection for an indomethicin trial and I have quite a long journey to my neuro. We were waiting for a bad day, then the pain improved for a few weeks, then Xmas happened, then verapamil was chosen as the first drug to try. I agree that we might need to go back to square one. Whatever I've got doesn't fit the HC description perfectly, but at the moment it is more like HC than CH.
  5. I do, too. I think your neuro's position is ridiculous.
  6. Lynn, I should have jumped into this discussion when you mentioned neck cramps. Muscle cramps anywhere in the body are a classic indication of a magnesium-calcium imbalance with too little magnesium. The enzymatic process of hydroxylating (metabolizing) vitamin D3 to its genetically active metabolite 1,25(OH)2D3 a.k.a., calcitriol, consumes magnesium rapidly. If we don't take at least 400 mg/day magnesium with vitamin D3, the problem of cramps becomes even more pronounced. I'm guessing your neck cramps are no longer a problem since starting the anti-inflammatory regimen... We have several CHers who also have migraine headaches and they report a confluence of symptoms similar to what you've described. Discuss that possibility with a neurologist or preferably a headache specialist when you see one. Regarding percocet... There have been enough studies done by the God Squad of cluster headache experts who are presently members of the ICHD3 Working group on trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias: doctors Goadsby, May and Rozen, that have proven opioids are ineffective in controlling cluster headache. While opioids may dull the pain, they have no effect on the cluster headache syndrome which continues unabated no matter how much opioid is taken... Moreover, continued frequent use of opioids like percocet in attempts to stop CH pain result in dependency >95% of the time leaving the CHer with two demons to fight... We've a few CHers who have done this and ended up dancing with the devil until they went through detox. The best, most effective and least invasive course of action is to see your PCP for the 25(OH)D lab test and to discuss the anti-inflammatory regimen. Take along a copy of this regimen from the following link. That way you'll both be singing from the same sheet music when the lab results come back. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Data from the online survey of CHers taking this regimen to prevent their CH indicate 82% experience ≥75% reduction in the frequency of their CH from an average of 3 CH/day down to 3 to 4 CH/week and that 64% of CHers starting this regimen experience a complete cessation of CH symptoms. These are year over year averages compiled since this survey was placed on line in December of 2011. Data from this survey from CHers reporting during 2016 indicate the overall favorable response has improved to 93% and the pain free response to 73%. It appears the two factors responsible for this improvement are starting this therapy with the 600,000 IU total vitamin D3 loading dose spread over 12 days at 50,000 IU/day or four weeks at 20,000 IU/day and the use of Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) for a week to 10 days. Obviously, the favorable response comes much faster taking 50,000 IU/day for 12 days... Regarding the use of an oxygen concentrator to abort CH... While the concentration of oxygen produced by these systems is not 100% and the maximum flow rate is too low, an oxygen concentrator can work very effectively in aborting CH if used with the Redneck Oxygen Reservoir Breathing system (filled ahead of time) and a procedure calling for hyperventilation at forced vital capacity tidal volumes for 30 seconds with room air followed by inhaling a lungful of oxygen from the Redneck Oxygen Reservoir Breathing system and holding it for 30 second. 4 to 7 such complete cycles is usually sufficient to abort most CH. The "How To" for the DIY Redneck Oxygen Reservoir Breathing system and the hyperventilation breathing procedure can be found here at Clusterbusters... Use the search window and key in the words Redneck and Oxygen then look for a post by CHfather titled: Batch's hyperventilation + "red neck" bag" Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  7. Some days you'd say yes. For much of the past 6 weeks you'd say yes. But yesterday, for example, I found myself virtually pain free for a large part of the day. Last night I was completely pain free for at least half the night. My neuro says it can't be HC if I get any pain-free periods. I think they should try indomethicin anyway, just to rule it out.
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  9. ...the southest I ever been was mid-California....still got hit like a nail under a hammer.....Holly the dog was most compassionate. Old song: "if ya can't be with the one you love...love the one you're with". CH or not...I live where I Iove....aint movin'...nope......
  10. There was a gentleman around in the fledgling days of Clusterbusters who believed that the closer to the equator you lived, the better your head would be. If memory serves he moved south though I can't remember where other than he left the US. I've never tested the theory so I offer no opinion.
  11. This is interesting. I've been keeping things under control with MM for a few years but this winter in the UK, specifically this last 3-4 weeks I've been getting hit a couple of times a day - the weather and pressure changes are quite severe. I live in the north west in the Peaks. I've been thinking very seriously about moving somewhere closer to the equator to reduce the huge differential in daylight hours during winter v summer. I spent a few months in South America a few years back from beginning of Jan to June - I didn't suffer at all. That was after a fairly serious attack in the October before, so I would usually expect to get hit the other side of Christmas. Does this resonate with others?
  12. Oh, boy . . . What I'm saying here is just what I know, or think I know. I suppose others might correct me. Percocet just doesn't work for CH. That's a given, though I suppose there are exceptions to every rule. It isn't really effective for migraine, either. No, it is not normal to feel light-headed after using O2. How abnormal it is, I don't know. I don't remember reading about it even once in the past 7 1/2 years, which would include at least 100 conversations with people using O2. Racer1_NC and Batch, among others, know far more about this than I do. You could PM them from the envelope symbol at the top right of the page. If you are hyperventilating, maybe -- but you'd know that. If anything, the low flow rate would seem to make it less likely that you'd have breathing-related issues. Are you having any trouble inhaling? If O2 doesn't work, it would seem to be another sign that you don't have CH, although this might not be a fair test (and, as you say, it's not clear even when you should start on the O2). There's a "symptom checker" at WebMD.com. I looked for sneezing, nausea, and headache. Didn't see anything there that really makes sense. Sorry . . .
  13. I am as dumbfounded as you. I can't find anything like it online to connect the symptoms I have. Lots of people have the nauseous sneeze, but not the headaches . Then there are the people that get migraines from sneezing, But to connect all of them. The neurologist didn't seem to think that it's unusual, and called it cluster head aches.I have an app in 2 weeks to see him. Some days are better then others and I only have 3 sneezes and then others are worse with 6 sneezes. When the nausea starts, I never know how long until I sneeze. Sometimes I vomit, but usually not. When I sneeze the nausea goes away instantly and the headache starts. I discovered a way to bring on the sneeze by pinching my nose, just so I don't feel sick to my stomach anymore, But the pain isn't any better then the nausea. If I take a Percocet without 15 to twenty minutes I'm feeling much better. But then it all starts over again. I'm so tired of feeling sick all the time. With the opioid thing going on right now, I don't know how long I can stay on the Percocet. Ok I've tried this oxygen for two days and it hasn't helped my cluster headache. It says to start the oxygen when you feel a headache coming on and not to wait till its full blown. The problem is I have no warning except the nausea and the sneeze. Once the I sneeze I have a full blown headache. I feel really light headed after using the oxygen. Is this normal? Is it because the flow rate isn't high enough ?
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  15. Roadie, Hemicrania continua??? https://www.migrainetrust.org/about-migraine/types-of-migraine/other-headache-disorders/hemicrania-continua/
  16. Hey Peggy, Thank you for your service... You're likely vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiency is contributing to the frequency, severity and duration of your headaches. If you can get into the VA ask for lab test of your serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3, a.k.a., 25(OH)D. This is the first metabolite of vitamin D3 that's used to measure its status. Nearly all CHers with active bouts have a 25(OH)D serum concetration ≤ 40 ng/mL with a mean of 23 ng/mL. As CHers we need to keep our serum 25(OH)D up between 80 and 100 ng/mL. That will require a vitamin D3 dose of at least 10,000 IU/day. Pull down a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen at the following VitaminDWiki link. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  17. This is an interesting description of CH. My CH always started in the same ways as described above. I'd get struck during the night. My first thoughts would be "No - no way! "This can't be happening out of the blue like this... again". And then I'd have to come out of denial and deal with the attack. My attacks always began with an uncomfortable feeling behind my right eye that I just felt I needed to get rid of. But I could do nothing to stop and and it would rapidly get worse. Normally, within ten minutes the attack would be excruciating. Back before I knew what my headaches were, I'd neck some pain killers and ride it out. They'd normally be at their worst for 30-60 minutes but they wouldn't end suddenly, as some people would describe. They'd begin to ease and gradually fade away over the space of say 30 mins. During my first few bouts I don't remember having any pain between attacks but I would get shadows and I'd often wake with a nagging ache behind my eye that'd make me jump out of bed. Like Fella says, I'd avoid lie-ins and I'd try to sleep quite propped up. Nobody's ever explained to me why it hurts more to lie flat when you're in cycle? My bouts of episodic CH would last 2-3 weeks, except my bout in '99 that lasted about 6 weeks. My remissions began to lengthen too. My bouts are different now and I question whether i still even have CH. I began to have bouts of shadows about 18 years ago. These would be episodes where I'd have shadows and constant pains and sensations in the CH part of my head. I was convinced my attacks were coming but they mostly didn't. Only on one occasion during these bouts of shadows has a real CH attack broken through, and that was after a heavy night of partying. It was also 14 years ago now. In 2002 and 2003, bouts of "normal" CH began in the "normal" way, i.e. a sudden attack during the night without warning. These went away fairly quickly, possibly because I used verapamil but my "real" bouts were always short. Since my last full CH attack, I've had bouts of shadows in 2004, 2006. 2010 and the current one that has been ongoing since June 2017 (yes - I had a blissful 7+ years of full remission). Shadow bouts vary in length. The shortest was a few days. The longest was over a year (they called me Chronic, in spite of me not having full attacks). The interesting thing as far as Peggy is concerned is that I am in almost constant pain. Today, for example, I have a burning, piercing pain in my nose and eye that feels like a hot screwdriver is being pushed up my nose. Some days this is more of an electric buzzing feeling. Other days is is a burning/piercing or a squeezing and twisting feeling. My right nostril also blocks repeatedly throughout the day and can become severely painful. I also get "shadow attacks" that begin to build like a real CH attack but they then level off at about a 2 -4 and can sit there for 4+ hours. I wake in the night with a piercing feeling in my eye but no CH attack. I woke this morning with the old nagging ache that used to be a warning that an attack might come, but it didn't. I generally sleep well and get pain free nights. In November I had a good 2-week period after a holiday where it felt like I might be back in remission but it didn't last. So, over the past 6 1/2 months I have had virtually no pain-free days whatsoever. I have a supply of O2 that I have tried just once. I have several Sumartriptan injections and nasal sprays to hand that remain untouched and I've very recently started verapamil to see if it'll knock this out. Sorry - it's a long post but the detail might help Peggy and I'm always on the look out for somebody that might recognise my symptoms. My current neuro seems pretty confused!
  18. Hi Peggy, You're welcome! I have what most would describe as very typical episodic cluster headaches so maybe it would help you to hear what happens to me: when a cycle starts, I am usually hit with a major attack during the night. A "major" attack is, as aforementioned, a serious pain situation, during which I will screw my face up in pain, pace, yell, talk to myself (e.g. "Whywhywhywhywhywhywhy"), kick things, stomp my foot, my nose will profusely run on one side of my head and my eye will tear up or redden on the same side. These are all signs of a cluster headache. Within two hours, the pain will vanish. When I sat vanish, I mean it goes away in seconds, with no residual effects beyond the feeling like I've just run a marathon, or some very minor pressure changes. It's like a light switch got turned off. No matter what position I'm in (usually laying down in the shower), I can stand up, and go about my business like it never happened. For a normal attack, that usually means going back to sleep, because that's what I was doing when it started. the actual detail of the pain is as if a white hot poker was jabbed directly into my eye and is twisting back and forth (everybody has their own creative way to describe the pain; you've got a lot of thinking time when an attack is happening.....). The pain is localized, not spread out, and I could point it out to you with perfect accuracy every time. It never changes type of pain or location. During a headache cycle, when I'm not having an attack, I have no pain. I might have flashes of pressure on occasion, or the sensation of a headache (folks call these "shadows"), but a cluster headache attack is a very discrete event you could block on a schedule to the minute, if you were inclined to do so (e.g. "Attack started at 12:14AM, resolved at 2:42AM"). A cycle usually lasts for two months, and seems to just go away eventually (before I started Busting, but that's a whole different story). While in a cycle, attacks are at least once a day, sometimes more. Everything I just described is fairly textbook CHs. Now, many folks' CHs are different, so it's not chiseled in stone, but those are all big signs. the best advice I can offer you is to keep a detailed headache diary. Your memory is not a reliable tool in perfect circumstances, much less so when you're having regular headaches. This diary should note time of headache onset, when it went away, what you did to make it go away, whether what you did worked and should keep track of what foods and drinks you have consumed throughout the day (and meds, if applicable). A doctor can use this information to give you a more accurate diagnosis and, in a worst case scenario, you can use the information to sleuth out what's going on yourself. As CHFather said, traditional painkillers, both OTC and high-strength prescription opioid, are useless for a cluster attack. I don't want to speculate on what type of headaches you might have because I'm not a doctor, and I don't know a lot about how they present for you, but headaches can have many underlying causes and their treatment changes based on what causes them. What works for a cluster headache is very different than what works for, for example, a brain tumor, which is different from migraine, which is different from severe sinus pain. All four of those can cause severe headache pain, and all four have very different treatment protocol. The headache diary will help you zoom out and get perspective on what's going down. in the meantime! Some treatments/ lifestyle changes that certainly won't harm you: drink lots of water. If you feel a headache coming on, try aborting it by sucking ice water to the back of your throat on the headache side. CHFather mentioned caffeine. Vitamin D as described by Batch. Massage tendons on your neck and head (my best one for CH attacks is right under where my ear lobe meets my head; press hard [it hurts] and hold for a slow count of 30. You might find better ones for you). Get regular sleep. That means go to bed at the same time every night, wake up at the same time every morning. Don't sleep in. No devices at least 1 hour before bed (this interferes with your R.E.M. cycle and, by extension, your circadian rhythm). Be conscious of potential allergens (for example, I'm not "allergic" to cats, but when I'm in a headache cycle, I have less attacks if I sleep in our basement, where our cat can't go and leave hair/dander/etc.). Avoid alcohol. Some folks on here swear by melatonin and Benadryl. I have not explored this and am not comfortable expounding on it. I hope all of these help, but more than anything, keep that diary! Good luck.
  19. fella1234 and CHfather, First of all thank you for your responses. When I say a headache lasted for 3 weeks. No the pain is not constant. The headache is always there but lessens on and off. And then just as fast as it appears it leaves. I usually put the ice pack on the back of my head and lay on it and eventually switching to heat. This relieves it but it does not go away. I am interested in each of the remedys you have listed and plan on learning more about them. The oxygen was what they administered in the ER. I am a Vetern and use my VA facilities. Sometimes I get very frustrated with the process. I have been sent, twice, to a neurologist but did not get much satisfaction. Will not go into right now. This is the reason I am looking for advise and help. I am not going to be able to get what I need without knowing what that is and how to go about it. If these are not Cluster Headache then what would they be? The fact that they can linger for long periods of time is what makes me believe that is what they are. I do not have symptoms of normal Migraines. No flashing lights, no vomiting, passing out, etc. But I do have advanced pain that lasts a long time. Thanks again for your help.
  20. You've heard from two of the very best, Angela. I am only going to clarify that energy "shots" (the small ones of about 2-3 ounces, such as 5-Hour Energy), often have more caffeine than the larger energy "drinks" of about 8-12 ounces, such as Red Bull or Monster. An energy shot is easier to drink down quickly than the larger energy drink. As jon' says, check the labels.
  21. Hi and welcome! Sorry you need to be here...glad you found us..... To add to spiny's excellent comments: generally reported sweet spot for verapamil dosage is 480 mg/dy...divided doses...try timing doses just prior to expected hit times. Some folks...like me.... had to go to over 1000 mg/dy....a regular MD will freak at that number...an EXPERIENCED headache specialist will NOT. Typically a prednisone or methylprednisolone IV or tablet taper is undertaken when starting verapamil...frequently (but not always) will break a cycle and give the verapamil time to kick in (10 dys to 2 weeks typically). Clusterheads tend to call Topamax: Dopey Max ....as the side effects are life altering and unpleasant...... Look for the cheapest energy drinks that contain at least 100 mg caffeine and 1000 mg taurine...they are synergistic. Red Bull is the most famous but is WAY expensive and lower in these components than you need. Drink as cold and as fast as possible as soon as a hit seems imminent...carbonated versions seem to work better as absorption time is decreased..... Tell us about how you intend to use O2...the proper way will leave you in tears of joy and disbelief! Best Jon
  22. Nothing significant to add to fella's superb response. If phenergan, an anti-histamine, worked for you, it's possible that Benadryl will, too. Recommended dosage is 25mg every 4 hours, and 50mg at night, with the usual warnings about drowsiness. I share fella's doubts about whether you have CH. When you say "Lately they have been lasting about three weeks," do you mean that you have an ongoing severe headache for three weeks, or that you have attacks frequently during a three-week period and then they go away? If you do have CH, strong pain-killers (such as Toradol) are not going to help. The strongest analgesics/opiods don't work. As fella says, oxygen, verapamil, and sumatriptan are the first-line treatments, and maybe some prednisone to perhaps create some painfree time. If you do have CH, it's possible that caffeine will help you (there's some of that, but not enough in Excedrine Migraine). You might try drinking an energy shot, such as 5-Hour Energy, when an attack begins.
  23. Hi Peggy, Firstly, I would get thee to a neurologist (with a headache specialty) if you haven't been yet. What you describe could be cluster headaches, though I can tell you I've never been able to put on an ice pack and go to sleep when I'm having an attack. Normally, attacks are far too severe for that to work and necessitate rocking back and forth or pacing to cope with the pain. Bad attacks usually involve me intentionally scalding myself in the shower or banging my head on a wall/ doorknob. Thankfully, my condition has improved enough that that doesn't happen very often anymore but in order to treat yourself, you need to know exactly what you're dealing with first. As far as relief goes, Imitrex is the standard abortive medicine for both migraines and clusters. The generic form is called Sumatriptan. You can get it as an injectable (which is a necessity for most folks with CHs) or in nasal spray or pill form. I have it but only use it as an emergency because I have found it causes me to have rebound headaches. But for stopping a headache, it is miraculously effective. I gave my wife one (a pill) for a severe migraine she was having last week and she was absolutely blown away by how fast and how well it worked. The Vitamin D regimen was developed by a fella with CH who goes by the handle "Batch". Standard doses of Vit D on Batch's regime are 10,000 ius/ day. I personally take 20,000/ day. This is substantially more than even a heavy load recommended by doctors for, for example, multiple sclerosis. When you are taking Vitamin D in such large doses, you need to take magnesium and calcium supplements to help you absorb the vitamin D and to counteract any deficiencies arising from its use. Furthermore, you need to take it with food, preferably a large meal. Batch's Vitamin D3 write-up in the ClusterBuster Files can give you more detail; I'm giving the broad strokes here. Batch is insistent that you get a blood test to monitor your Vitamin D blood levels (details in the file) to insure you have reached the therapeutic level. After you've been diagnosed with CHs, standard medical procedure is to put you on Verapamil and steroids. Many folks find this helps them. Many folks don't. YMMV. when you say you've done oxygen: people with cluster headaches need at least 15lpm through a nonrebreather mask for effective aborts. And you need to be huffing on it pretty hard. It's a specific process. I hope this helps you and I'm sorry about your headaches.
  24. I am a relative new patient of Cluster Headaches. I need info more then anything. I have had headaches since sometime in the early 2000 but just recently been told they were Cluster headaches. I have read some things and part applies and part doesn't. But my headaches are coming more freqently and lasting longer and are stronger. I have done Toradol and phenegran shots. Have done oxygen. Have had perscriptions for phenegrin and it seems to help. I can not honestly say there is much of anything that helps or stops the pain. It just has to run it's course. Lately they have been lasting for about 3 weeks. Was told to use Benedryl and magnizium. Have even added Execedrin Migraine to that. Nothing. What is the strain I have been seeing about Vit D 3? I take that. How is it suppose to be taken and what strength. Need any info I can get as to how a headache works and what you do for relief. The only way I can get away from a headache is to go to bed with an ice pack and sleep. They do however sometimes wake me up. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
  25. Good morning Verna! So sorry to read that ya'lls 2nd round of dexalog12 injections didn't work as well!! We've had just a few folks who've reported here about Dr Mikes protocol but I know many clusterheads in the Facebook patient communities who have had varying success.....and some who didn't get as much relief from their 2nd round.....Hollywood Dan, who initially found out about Dr Mike initially has had great success for close to 2 years now and I think 4 rounds.....I'll shoot him a message as I'm pretty sure his last round was after Dr Mike passed away Dallas Denny
  26. Hi, many thanks for this, CHF. I wonder if you can get anything like this in the UK? I'll read the threads. I also had an ONB injection back in 2006 but it didn't seem to do anything. The problem is that, like now, I wasn't having attacks then. Just horrible incessant shadows. There's no doubt that my CH has changed in its nature over the past 15-or-so years. The question is, has it changed into something else and what will work for it now? Currently having no joy with verapamil.
  27. Here's one thread about it. You can see more if you type "jesus shot" into the search bar at the top right side of the page (and set it to "all content"): https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/4773-the-jesus-shot/#comment-50552
  28. No apology needed Angela. Working up the amount of Verap is common. Some go very high if they don't have side effects and it takes that much to keep the CH at bay. If you can, make sure that you are getting the 'short acting' version, not the 'extended release' type. For some reason, it works better for us. If your script says take twice a day, it is likely long acting. Also, keep an eye on your blood pressure as Verap will lower it. I hope that they gave you a non-rebreather mask. That is the kind with a bag attached and no outside air gets in, just pure O2. The D3 regimen is great!! It has helped many people actually become Pain Free. Just follow the directions and I suggest you do a loading dose for starters. It can provide relief in a couple of weeks if not sooner. And it is all good for you. Are you aware that 'Chronic' means that you do not have more than 2-4 weeks headache free in a year? Has it been that long for you? Have you tried caffeine at the first sign of a hit? It can abort one if taken at the very start. And it is great to drink one really fast on the way to your O2.Did you get any instructions on how to use your O2? That is really important. Welcome and we hope to see you pain free ASAP!!!!!
  29. Hi everyone. I'm Angela, 29, from a long country known as Chile. I was diagnosed with clusters headaches 5 years ago. Until this year (2017/2018), I had episodic clusters, from August to December every year. So I knew when to be ready. Well, as ready as a person can be for this kind of thing. I was taking Topamax (150mg per day), prednisone and naratriptan. This year (2017/2018), well, it has been a clusterf*ck , went from episodic to chronic. Or that's what my new neurologist says (the one that gave me the diagnose retired). I have 4-10 headaches per day, at least 6 days a week. I even ended up last month at the hospital for a nice 4 day "vacation". So, right now I'm desperate and going slightly crazy. My new neurologist switched my meds to Veparamil (160mg now, we are upping it up gradually), because topiramate wasn't working anymore and the side effects were... not pretty. Got a new and shiny oxygen prescription (finally!), and switched to eletriptan too. (Sumatriptan is not being sold around here, apparently is too expensive for the pharmaceuticals companies to produce/import) The thing is... like i said before, I'm desperate, I just want this thing to stop, I'm tired all the time, can't sleep, can't focus, can't do a thing. I know... I know, this might take a while, with the new meds and all, but that's how I ended up here, looking for more options. I've been reading and I'll definitely check the vitamin D3 regimen, but I'd like to know if I'm missing something. (My noob self will keep reading after I sleep a bit, 10 am and already had 3 headaches, not a good day). That being said i will apreciate any comments, or thoughts that you fellas might have. Cheers! PS: Just to complement, my dad had clusters for 2 years, and then just stopped. And i've been visiting neurologist since I was 5 (also have episodic migraines). Yay genetics (?). PS 2: Sorry if this message seems to be kinda all over the place, I'll probably edit it later. Oh, and btw, english is not my first language, sorry if i made any mistakes.
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