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  1. Yeah, I gave up after seeing the costs and it's a complete joke that you have a device that counts how many times it works then it shuts off so you have to pay again. It's not like it wears out, they just bleed people dry...
  2. Some infected mushroom "Demons of pain" to brighten your day
  3. I used to build websites before I got tired of it. My money is on the plain** Opps, rich text editor having the bug or possibly the version of php the server is running.
  4. I'm at a loss for words but you know I'm there for you buddy. If you try to contact me please use signal, I hope it works with a dead phone number. My phone service is down since I'm pretty bankrupt from having CH all year. A tough year for a bunch of us for sure. I pray you can find something to make this better.
  5. I mentioned before but might as well again...I was in cycle when I got my shots. The cycle was the worst in my life BUT I think it's possible that I already had Rona before that and was asymptomatic because I got pretty sick from shot two and heard that shot 2 was doing that to people who previously had it, either way I was indeed sick. Who knows, my 2 cents.
  6. How's the Ayahuasca situation there? Seems like it should be going around.
  7. I have been describing to people for years that CH is the feeling that burning in Hell is. Why did I wonder what that was like when I was a kid? :p
  8. The primary will probably refer you to a specialist and then the specialist will still have to listen to your words with no test to proclaim CH. Basically their diagnosis is on you....
  9. It's getting pretty cool in Ann Arbor. I'm trying to go out there soon.
  10. Nice, hope it works great for you. Keep us posted!
  11. Welcome to the cool kid club Spida. I'm against pharma so my advice is to seek non pharma solutions like D3 and psychedelic busting. Oxygen for aborts etc. Red bulls and hot soaks also work for me when it comes to aborts. I'm sure pharma works great for some people but the side affects can suck. Try to learn as much as possible from here and inform yourself with some weapons to fight this terrible condition. It can be managed fairly well most of the time for most of us. Oh, and keep a log book of your hits and possible triggers. Just knowing your triggers can be very useful and there are many like alcohol, flying, foods, smells, even sitting positions! GL warrior! -Scott
  12. Yeah, I just feel like I'm living in a right handers world and just different. I guess it ties into my angry at the world bit I dunno. Anyway, yeah it's def what you make of the time between. Coping, managing etc. It's not fun. I try to use shrooms for both busting and therapy.
  13. Happy is hard. I'm a mad at the word left hander with CH for almost 23 years. I guess after a long period of time it just becomes acceptance. Especially after multiple goals and dreams get crushed by CH. I still appreciate what I have because it's all relative.
  14. Yep, Shrooms should make a wave across America like weed did. Here in Michigan we have a city that just decriminalized all natural Psychedelics. https://www.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2021/08/19/ann-arbor-declares-september-psychedelics-awareness-month-and-were-tripping "Ann Arbor is one of six cities across the U.S. to decriminalize possession and cultivation of naturally occurring psychedelics. However, Oregon is the only state to decriminalize and legalize ;psilocybin for therapeutic use."
  15. xBoss


    Seems like an extreme choice given that you only experience CH once per 3-4 years?
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