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  1. I have been using chlorpheniramine for 25 years now with no known issues. Never makes me tired or anything. Hopefully there is no long term problem coming.
  2. Tinnitus club member here. I feel like it got worse from busting but maybe worse from CH. No rona yet...
  3. Keep tabs on those randoms. There was a trigger that made them happen. If you can ID the triggers you can avoid the random CH and then get to work on the episodes.
  4. When it showed her on oxygen with tears coming down her left eye my left eye dropped a tear!
  5. Ah man that video hit home with the up all night CH after falling asleep bit. That one nearly crushed me.
  6. Hey Marlon. Welcome! I'm 49 and mine started when I was 27 and I also thought they were migraines or something since prior to that I never knew what a headache was except for maybe a hangover. Anyway, once per three years is not too bad! I'm once a year and this place has had me in remission for three years now! Hang in there and read up all the good info. You are in good company.
  7. So glad the research is back on after a 50 years ban or whatever it was.
  8. The only pattern I can think of is that it tends to happen more often when I am more in need of sleep or more tired I guess. Yeah, lately it makes me feel like the doorbell was ringing. Such a weird thing. Us clusterheads def. have some quirky issues so it's good to try and find correlations. My spectrum of nero type issues is CH, EHS, panic attacks, cold seizures, ringing in the ears, mild tremors in the hands.....
  9. Welcome to the family. May your journey be awesome.
  10. I get them. I cannot stand the instant jerk wake up with the feeling that I was not breathing. It always seems like it was loud but loud in a weird different way from normal loud. Hard to describe.
  11. Year 23 here but life is better now. GL on your journey NRay, this is the best place to be!
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