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  1. Remissions are pretty normal for us episodics. I recently skipped two years and then it came back strong and lasted nearly six months. There is really no baseline, CH can vary widely from person to person or year to year. Cycles will vary as well, you can start out slow then they pick up and you are getting hit seven times a day for an hour plus per hit. Mine usually start slow then ramp up and then go down during the whole cycle. Try to keep tabs on it all with a journal so you can get a better understanding of how it all plays out. GL warrior!
  2. I drank a beer and flew once.... Let's just say it was horror at 50,000 feet. These days I probably would have been arrested by an air marshal :p
  3. Brown bottle is ready to make some sheets
  4. Poor Santa is also a left eye guy. He has red bulls too :p
  5. Nice, my family has been in NASCAR a long time. Last name is Keselowski
  6. I'm I'm 3rd generation and the language is lost. My great grandparents actually hid their Russian identity and stopped passing the culture down when they moved to the USA since there was anti Russian sentiment forming. We came from Galicia which is no longer and is now Poland and Ukraine. I so wish I could move to that area or Prague or something like you mention but my girls think I'm crazy and don't want to. Plus the money would be too tight.
  7. ha, this one is more my love for Eastern Europe. My last name came from right on the Ukraine and Poland border. I feel that Western culture ruins us and makes us sad and I wish we could go back to simpler times like they still live today in this video.
  8. The trees are so skimpy looking this year and the prices are super high at the same time. We are still looking but getting late and the money is super tight. Nice tree!
  9. Hi! Welcome to the forum. You should be excited because life gets better with Cluster Busters.
  10. Indica seems to be the downer more pain killing and knock you out type. Sativa used to give me stay up all night energy but not since I was about 45. The last five years any weed will knock me out. As for strains, I never really pay attention lol. Michigan has been a weed free for all for a while now and from an old dudes perspective it's all cush :p It really helps with the restless legs and the restless hips (same feeling in the hips). Those can be horrible but weed is 100% working on those issues as well.
  11. I can't get a good nights sleep without a joint before bedtime. It's been that way for many years like bejeeber, I think it's been about 37 years for me. The weed works for me but yeah, another medicine...
  12. I love these guys. My buddy and I crashed a party once after they played in Michigan and Martin was there. Was fairly epic but I was too scared to talk to him since I was not supposed to be there :p
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